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Crestmont Elementary

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Dear Crestmont Parents,

Welcome to the 2015­-2016 school year! We are ready for the best school year ever to begin! If you are a family whose child has been at Crestmont, I want to thank you for helping to make Crestmont great and welcome you back for another wonderful year. If you are new to our school, I want to welcome you to the Crestmont family. We will constantly be updating our school website and Facebook page, to keep you and your family current on what is happening at Crestmont. We also encourage you to sign up to volunteer at school, as we need your talent. Just one hour a week will do wonders for our school.

Crestmont has always been a great school and I feel honored to serve this school and community as principal this year. I look forward to building on academic excellence and continue to grow and learn to make Crestmont the best place we can for students. If I can be of any help to you, please do not hesitate to email or call the office. Welcome to the Crestmont family!

With Respect,

Jeri Farmer
Principal, Crestmont Elementary School

War Breaks Out at Crestmont!!

A Friendly “Word War”.

That means… 

Students in Miss Thompson’s class, Mrs. Walkers's class, Mrs. Isaac's class, and Mrs. Messmer's class are trying to out-read each other, in a weekly Word War through the Accelerated Reading program. Each week the total number of words read by each class will be tallied and the BEAUTIFULLY TACKY TROPHY will be awarded to the class with the most words! The BTT will reside in a place of honor in the classroom of the victorious readers, until the next tally is taken. And so it begins...

This week marked victory for Miss Thompson's class with a total of 756,435 WORDS!!! However, Mrs Walker's class was only one book's worth of words behind! All together the students from the four competing classrooms read 3,355,580 words in one week. Congratulations to the fine readers in the classes of Mrs. Isaac, Mrs. Messmer, Mrs. Walker and Miss Thompson!! We hope you come back from break ready to quiz on lots of books!