Roseville City School District

Junction Elementary

                   "Leaders Lighting the Way!"

Junction Elementary School is the home of the
Junction Jaguars!  We are in our seventh year
open, and currently have 750 students, 
Kindergarten to fifth grade. We have a dedicated,
loving staff that maintains a high level of academic
rigor for our students.

In 2010, Junction School was awarded a grant for,
"The Leader in Me", through the Panda Corporation. 
This grant supports our staff and students as we further
develop our 21st Century and leadership skills. 
Through teaching students the,
7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey,
we are able to guide our students in becoming leaders
in their lives and make contributions in the lives of others. 

The Habits are:

1. Be Proactive
2. Begin With The End In Mind
3. Put First Things First
4. Think Win-Win
5. Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood
6. Synergize
7. Sharpen the Saw
* 8th Habit- Find Your Voice

By developing the whole child, both academically and
personally, we create an atmosphere that is caring,
compassionate, and principle-centered.  Our students
are able to become personal Leaders in their own lives,
and learn to find their voice in our community.


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