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Daily Homework:

As of April, HW will almost always be limited to 1 Math page, 30 minutes of quality reading (followed up by adult asking questions about the reading that day at home: ask "who, what, why, where, and when" questions, as well as open ended questions from the paper I handed out earlier in the year. Please let me know if you would like another of these).

If your child is in my Rti class for Reading, or with Mrs. Caraska or Mrs. Phillipson, he or she should also be logging on to my lexia twice a week, for 30 minutes.

If you finish a book at home, your parent may sign a sign off slip in order for you to receive credit toward your 40 book goal. Show that to me when we conference.

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Explorit Science Center in Davis

This is an amazing resource for young scientists. Check the website regularly for wonderful events, like the Astronomy Night on April 25! (The website says April 24, but it is in fact, Saturday, April 25.)

Science Fair Project Timeline with Due Dates

Friday, 3/13: "Question" is due
Thursday, 3/19: BOTH "Research and Bibiography" AND "Hypothesis" due
Thursday, 3/26: "Materials" AND "Procedure" due
During Spring Break: conduct experiment (3 trials, minimum...if student is working on plants,they should have 3 plants for each variable tested)
Friday, 4/24: "Data Analysis and Graphs" AND "Conclusion" are due
Thursday, 5/7: Displays due. Presentations begin.

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