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CAASPP Testing Information


CAASPP Overview

The California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) is California’s statewide assessment, replacing the Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) in 2014.  It consists of online and paper-based assessments.  This spring, for the end-of-year test, students in the Roseville City School District will be assessed in ELA (English Language Arts), mathematics and science.  Students in grades 3 - 8 will take the ELA and Math assessment and the Science assessments will be administered to students in grades 5 and 8.  The district’s testing window is April 14 – May 27; the exact dates our school will be testing your students will be  April 18-May 27th.

Practice and training tests are available for your student (and parents) to try out the online assessments (Smarter Balanced) in ELA and Math.  Each resource offers students an opportunity to experience items similar to what they will see on the operational Smarter Balanced assessments.  The Science assessment will be taken as a paper-pencil test.

Parents, please encourage your child to go to and try out the training and practice tests. You can use this link, Practice and Training Tests , to accesses both the Practice and Training Tests portal. The Practice Tests provide students with grade-specific testing experiences that are similar in structure and format to the Summative Assessments. The Training Tests provide students with the opportunity to quickly become familiar with the software and interface features. The Training Tests are organized by grade-bands (e.g., 3–5).


If you have any questions about CAASPP, please contact our school’s CAASPP site coordinator and/or principal.


CAASPP Written Exemption

As in the past, parents/guardians who would like to exempt their child from taking any or all parts of the CAASPP summative state assessments (Smarter Balanced, CST, CMA or CAPA) must submit a written request to the child’s school.  All such requests will be honored per CDE Education Code.

Parents, if you are choosing to exempt your child from taking any of the assessments, you will need to submit a written request specifying your student’s name, grade and the test type/subject.  This needs to be submitted to your child’s teacher at Crestmont by March 25, 2015.  Remember, if your student does not test, this means you will not receive scores/results that provide clear information about whether they are working at expected levels and this may impact course placement.  If you have any questions about CAASPP contact our school’s CAASPP Site Coordinator and/or principal.


(Parent Guides can be found below in the Attachments)


War Breaks Out at Crestmont!!

A Friendly “Word War”.

That means… 

Students in Miss Thompson’s class, Mrs. Walkers's class, Mrs. Isaac's class, and Mrs. Messmer's class are trying to out-read each other, in a weekly Word War through the Accelerated Reading program. Each week the total number of words read by each class will be tallied and the BEAUTIFULLY TACKY TROPHY will be awarded to the class with the most words! The BTT will reside in a place of honor in the classroom of the victorious readers, until the next tally is taken. 

Mrs. Messmer has Blazer back, and she intends to keep the trophy as long as her students read the most words! For two weeks in a row, Blazer has been in Messmerland!! The competition is fierce! Mrs. Walker's class is really reading and earning a lot of points, too. Keep reading, kids. This week the participating classes read 4,854,212 words!!  Wowie, wow wow!!!  Coyotes READ!!!


 Reading Challenge 

Coyotes, please continue to read at home every day!!