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We are excited about the new changes our district has done for Crestmont over the summer!  To increase the safety of our students our campus is now fully enclosed with new fencing and the office entrance has been relocated to the front of the school.  Additional projects such as a new mural has been painted,  portables were painted and new carpet installed and all classrooms were updated with new desks.  Our WiFi network has been improved.   Plus, our Parking Lot has been partially re-stripped, so visibility of the loading and no parking zones has improved.

Music is back!  We'd like to welcome Lindsay Dow, Crestmont's new Music teacher.  Lindsay will be on our campus three days a week to teach Music to our students.  Mrs. Stipp has also joined our team this year as our third 5th Grade teacher.  Welcome, Mrs. Stipp, we're delighted to have you back again this year.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon!