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Educational Services
  • Jamey Schrey-Assistant Superintendent of Ed. Services

    • Ann Avelar-Administrative Assistant

  • Amy Banks-Director of Ed. Services

  • Carrie Vincent-Director of Ed. Services

    • Katie Haupt-Administrative Assistant

  • Susan Fridly-(ELA/SS)-Coordinator of Ed. Services

  • Vickie Youhill-(ELD)-Coordinator of Ed. Services

  • Michael Nordlin-(Math/Science)-Coordinator of Ed. Services

  • Cynthia Cirino-(Educational Technology)-Coordinator of Ed. Services


The Educational Services Department is committed to insuring that all graduates of the Roseville City School District are prepared to access any high school course of their choosing. 

The mission of the Educational Services team is to support and empower our administrators and teachers to provide rigorous standards-based, differentiated learning experiences. Our focus continues to be on defining and communicating rigorous academic standards at each grade level, implementing responsive curricula, instruction and academic supports that meet the diverse needs of our students, and utilizing timely assessment and accountability practices that guide instruction and planning.

We have provided a wide variety of resource links for our Roseville City School District instructional leaders and Roseville community.