Roseville City School District


District staff has updated the RCSD Facilities Utilization Master Plan as of October 2017.  This master plan was created in order to establish basic planning and general project criteria for the long-term facilities needs of the District and is intended to guide the design and construction of District facilities in a way that best reflects the needs and aspirations of the community. This plan will be reviewed annually and updated, as necessary, to reflect the changing needs of the district, its employees and its students.


Construction for the Roseville City School District’s newest school began in April 2016. The fourth of five schools constructed in partnership with West Roseville Developers LLC will open in August 2017 and will be the district’s nineteenth school. Located in the West Plan, west of Westbrook Boulevard and north of Pleasant Grove Boulevard, at 4375 Brookstone Drive, the school, temporarily designated as “W-70,” will eventually accommodate six hundred students in grades TK through five. The school will receive an official name and have a principal assigned around January-February of 2017 and will serve some students currently attending Fiddyment Farm Elementary.