Roseville City School District

Student Registration

Returning Student Registration
✔  Your student is currently enrolled in the Roseville City School District (RCSD).
✔  You registered online last school year.
  Or, you have a letter from your school with your child's temporary access codes.
✔  Your student is NEW to RCSD, and is starting AUGUST 9th, 2018.
✔  Your student is NOT currently enrolled at RCSD.
✔  Your student has attended RCSD in the past, but is NOT currently enrolled.
✔  Your student has NEVER attended a school at RCSD.
✔  You are enrolling your student TO BEGIN PRIOR to JUNE 7th, 2018.
✔  Your student is NOT currently enrolled in RCSD.
✔  Your student has attended RCSD in the past, but is NOT currently enrolled.
✔  Your student has NEVER attended a school at RCSD.