Employee Benefits 22-23

Roseville City School District

Employee Benefits

The amount you will have to pay per month over the District cap is indicated on the documents listed below on this page. 

The plans offered are Western Health Advantage (WHA) HMO, WHA High Deductible, Sutter Health Plus (SHP) HMO, SHP High Deductible, Kaiser $25/$10 and Kaiser High Deductible.

  • Employees are now able to modify their benefits. You may take a:
  1. Medical plan only
  2. Medical plan and dental only
  3. Medical plan and vision only (vision is only for employees)
  4. Medical plan with both dental and vision (vision is only for employees).
  • A summary of each medical plan the District offers is listed below on this page. Spend some time reviewing the plans.  Remember that the Kaiser $25/$10 automatically comes with vision.
  • If you opt out of dental, you and your dependents will lose your current percentage of payment. Should you re-enroll in the future, your coverage percentage will be reset to the 70% benefit level.
  • The District, provided you are enrolled in a health plan, pays the premium for Basic Life Insurance through The Hartford in an amount equal to 1 times your annual earnings to a maximum of $200,000.
  • Depending on which scenario you choose, check the applicable rate sheet to find out what your premium cost will be each month.
  • It is possible to waive benefits, if your spouse does not work for the District, and has a plan that works better for you. Remember, waiving your benefits means that you will have no dental, vision or life insurance.
  • All employees over the age of 65 do not have the option of joining the high deductible plans.
  • If you want to make changes to your benefits due to a qualifying life event please email your payroll technician.
  • The VSP vision plan is ONLY FOR EMPLOYEES. This plan does NOT cover any dependents.

New Rates for 2022-2023

  Medical Only Medical & Dental Medical & Vision Medical & Dental & Vision

High Deductible

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HMO & Kaiser 25/10



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10 Pay Percentage Employee

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11 Pay Percentage Employee Download


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Summaries Of Each Medical Plan

Western Health Advantage (WHA) HMO Sutter Health Plus (SHP) HMO Kaiser HMO $25/10
Western Health Advantage (WHA) High Deductible $1800/$3600 Sutter Health Plus (SHP) $1500/$3000 Kaiser High Deductible
Western Health Advantage (WHA) High Deductible $2800/$5600 Sutter Health Plus (SHP) $2500/$5000  

Vision – VSP Click here to download summary

Dental – Delta Dental - Click here to download summary

2022-2023 – Rate Increase - Click here to download