Roseville City School District

2017-2018 Inter/Intra District Transfer Process & Forms



The procedures and general information for the open enrollment process are outlined in the files below. Open Enrollment for All Schools begins January 4th, 2017 and continues through January 27th, 2017. Intradistrict transfer applications are given priority during the open enrollment period. Transfer applications are now available for the 2017-2018 school year


When you want to transfer to another school district;  Parents/Guardians submitting a New Outgoing Inter-District application shall be required to discuss their reasons for the request with the Principal of their school of residence prior to the determination of their application.  If you wish to transfer into Roseville City School District, you must start the process at your district of residence.  


When you wish to transfer from your residence school to another Roseville City School District campus.

A list of our schools:  Blue Oaks, Brown, Buljan, Cirby, Chilton, Cooley, Crestmont, Diamond Creek, Eich, Fiddyment Farm, Gates, Jefferson, Junction, Kaseberg, Sargeant, Spanger, Stoneridge, Woodbridge

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2017-2018 Orchard Ranch IntraDistrict Tansfer FAQs
Parent Letter Open Enrollment 2017-2018
Parent Letter Open Enrollment 2017-2018_Spanish
2017-2018 Inter-Intra FAQs
2017-2018 Inter-Intra FAQs_Spanish
InterDistrict Transfer 2017-2018
InterDistrict Transfer 2017-2018 Spanish
IntraDistrict Transfer 2017-2018
IntraDistrict Transfer 2017-2018 Spanish
Orchard Ranch IntraDistrict Transfer Process and Timeline 2017