Roseville City School District

How to Edit Your Staff Profile
From the District Website


Step 1: How to Login

  1. From your computer, open a web browser.

  2. In the address bar, type the following URL or click:

  3. Move your mouse to the bottom left-hand corner of the web browser.

  4. An icon that looks like a Cog will appear, click the icon and select Log in.

  5. A pop-up window will display on the page to input your Username and Password. Username will be your District Email without the Password will be the same password you use to log into your Email. For instance:

    Username: lassem
    Password:  ****

  6. Once logged in, a Commands menu will display next to the cog. Click Command and choose My Account  from the Menu

  7. If there is a profile post with a matching email address, two links will be displayed:

    • The first link under Staff profile will allow you to view your current staff profile page.

    • The bottom link under Edit staff profile will allow you to Edit your profile.

Once logged in, if don’t see links to edit your staff profile, please submit a SchoolDude so we can investigate the issue.

Step 2: How to Add Content

  1. Once you’re logged in and have selected Edit Staff Profile, you will see a space available for you to post any information you would like to share with your community.

    You can use the Normal drop-down menu towards the top to update fonts and sizes, based on pre-defined style sheets to ensure consistency and ADA compliance.

  2. Scroll down the page, you will see menu options with the following:

    • Images: You can upload your staff profile picture here, but you can also upload additional images if you like. Once an image is uploaded, and [image:file number] will display on the right. If you want that image to display in your post above, copy and paste that  [image:file number] into your post above.

      To ensure ADA compliance, please include Alt text with any image uploaded. Alt text can be a brief description of the image (i.e. Staff Profile Picture)

    • Related Links: can be used to link external resources to your profile page, such as a previously approved ADA compliant teacher site, or other pages. Simply copy and paste the URL in the space provided for the site you which to link to external, and title the URL with how you would like it to display on your page. Use Add Another Item to add additional links.

    • File Attachments: can be used to upload any documents you would like to share with your community. Simply click the Add files… button to upload your file, once the upload is complete, you will see a yellow box on the page asking you to give your file a Title. Type what you would like your file to be called in the space provided, and copy and paste the [file:number] into your post.

    • Video & Multimedia: You may embed videos from YouTube here. Please paste the URL to the video here in the space provided.

    • Contact Information: From here you will be able to update your E-mail address, phone number, school address, or social media handle.

Step 3: Add a layout option: Accordion or Tabs

  1. First login with the steps above and setup your content in the format pictured below. 

  2. Below the content window, scroll down to Display Settings.

  3. On the right click Post Page Styles.

  4. If you want to use an Accordion to display your site content, under Headings as Accordion select the appropriate header style, in this case H3.

  5. Choose the Accordion Initial State. 

    1. ​First item expanded or All items expanded.

  6. Select the Accordion Behavior.

    1. ​Expand only one item at a time or Allow multiple expanded items.

  7. If you prefer Tabs to format your content, under Headings as Tabs, select Turn H3s into Tabs.