Roseville City School District

Riego Creek Elementary – Frequently Asked Questions

Residents of Riego Creek Elementary School - Intra-District Request process


I am a resident of Riego Creek and wish to keep my child at their current school, what is the process?

Riego Creek residents may submit an intra-district transfer request indicating they are interested in keeping their child at their current school.  Intra-district applications specific to Riego Creek residents may be accessed and submitted on-line on the Roseville City School District website ( beginning December 2, 2019. 


When should I submit the intra-district request for the 2020/2021 school year?

Beginning December 2, 2019, and ending December 20, 2019, Riego Creek residents may submit on-line through the District website an intra-district request to keep their child at the school they are currently attending.  This period of time is for Riego Creek residents only.  A second open enrollment period for all Roseville City School District students will be open from January 6, 2020, to January 29, 2020.  


Is there an order in which applications are approved?

The District does follow a criteria for priority of acceptance. First consideration is given to students continuing in the same school, followed by siblings of continuing students and then students of current employees of the school site.  All other applications submitted during the Riego Creek open enrollment period in December will receive equal consideration. If the District is not able to accommodate all requests at a specific grade level at a requested school, the remaining names will be selected utilizing a random selection process.  


When will I know if my request has been approved?

The District will review enrollment projections for the 2020/2021 school year during the months of November and December. The intention is to send notification of acceptance or denial by the end of January.  


If I miss the December intra-district window for Riego Creek residents, may I still submit an intra-district request?

Yes, you may submit a request utilizing the on-line form intended for all residents and submit the request to the Roseville City School District.  The District will have an open window for all inter/intra district requests from January 6, 2020, to January 29, 2020. Applications submitted during this second window will be approved utilizing the priority of acceptance criteria.  If the District is not able to accommodate all requests at a specific grade level at a requested school then names will be selected utilizing a random selection process. 


What if my child currently has an approved intra-district transfer agreement to attend another school within the Roseville City School District?

Your child is considered a resident of their current school after one year of attendance on an intra-district transfer.  However, you still need to complete a new Riego Creek intra-district transfer in order for us to correctly code your child from Riego Creek to your current school.