Roseville City School District

Update file attachments (Replace)


Note: replacing a file attachment using the method described below is a permanent operation and cannot be undone! Previous revisions will cease to exist, and it will basically look as though the new file had been uploaded instead of the original file. 

To replace a file attachment:

  1. Identify the URL of file you wish to replace, e.g.
  2. Pay close attention to the last part of the URL which indicates the filename (in the above example, it would be regionalsancasestudy.pdf)
  3. Go to Commands > Manage Content
  4. Click on the “Manage Files” tab
  5. Find the file you wish to replace by searching for the first few letters of the filename, e.g. by typing in “regional”
  6. Please check to ensure you are replacing the right file!
  7. Click “Replace”
  8. Choose the file to upload from your computer that will replace the old file (note: it does not have to have an identical file name to the original, as it will “adopt” the file name of the original attachment)
  9. The file will automatically upload and a confirmation message will display
  10. Caches and CDNs will be automatically cleared and the site should start serving the new file immediately
  11. Please access the original URL of the file you replaced to ensure the new file is accessible
  12. Just note that your browser may still show the old version because it is cached. To clear your cache for that page, use the appropriate combination below. 
    Windows: Crtl + F5
    Mac: Command + R