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Communication Technology

Comm Tech Courses at Eich are part of our VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts) program, as well as Design.

All 4 of these courses focus on Digital Citizenship and Digital Literacy Standards, as well as VAPA and Design hours. 

Beginning Comm Tech – 6th grade wheel

Beginning Comm Tech is a 12 week, trimester wheel course for 6th graders at Eich Middle School. Students will be using 

  • Google Apps for Education, such as Docs, Drawing, Slides, and Forms
  • SketchUp for the basics of 3D Modeling
  • iMovie for video editing 
  • for a daily keyboarding component
  • for an introductory coding unit
Intermediate Comm tech – Wheel

Intermediate Comm Tech is a 12 week, trimester wheel course for 7th & 8th graders at Eich Middle School. Some of the students in this wheel class are new to Comm Tech, and some have taken the Beginner Comm Tech course. Similar to the 6th grade wheel, students will be using all of the above programs. For those returning to the class, they will be building on the skills they learned in 6th grade, with new projects and expectations. 

There are 2 Yearlong Comm Tech courses that I offer at Eich – Intermediate & Advanced Comm Tech.

Intermediate Comm Tech – Yearlong – 7th & 8th graders

The Yearlong Intermediate Comm Tech class is 2nd period this school year. Students in this class will be introduced to the procedures and skills to filming, editing, and producing our Eich Student News Broadcasts. Students in this class may or may not have taken a trimester wheel class. Similar to the Advanced Comm Tech class, we will be working on

  • Broadcasting,
  • Public Service Announcements (PSAs),
  • Commercials,
  • Coding,
  • Stop Motion Animation,
  • 3D Modeling,
  • Google Apps (Docs, Drawing, Slides, Forms),
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Digital Literacy Standards
  • TED-Ed style presentations.

7th grade students in this yearlong course, will have the opportunity to apply for the Advanced Comm Tech class next year. 

Advanced Comm tech – yearlong – 7th & 8th graders

The Yearlong Advanced Comm Tech class is 1st period this year. This class consists of half 7th graders who had my trimester wheel course in 6th grade, and half 8th graders, most of which are returning from the Yearlong Intermediate Comm Tech class, or who have had the trimester wheel course in 6th or 7th grade. Students selected for the Advanced course will be moving at a bit quicker pace than the yearlong intermediate course, and jumping right into our Eich Student News Broadcasts, and many of the above listed projects that occur in Intermediate Comm Tech as well. We will be building on the skills learned in Beg/Int comm tech, as well as focusing on higher quality of work to meet VAPA and Design Standards. 

7th grade students in this yearlong course, will have the opportunity to apply for the Advanced Comm Tech class again next year. 

All Comm Tech students are expected to be excellent examples of our “Wildcat Way”:

  • Safe

  • Respectful

  • Responsible

Yearlong Comm Tech students are also expected to:

  1. Have minimal unexcused absences, as our projects require timely work completion and work with other students.

  2. Use time wisely when out filming for our broadcast or other segments, by only using their phones for filming purposes, going directly to filming locations, and staying on task.

  3. Be on best behavior when out around campus filming, as a representative of our class & school

  4. ONLY use phone for class/school approved projects – NO Instagram, Snapchat, Texting, etc

Yearlong classes are competitive to get in to – requiring an application, teacher recommendation, parent ranking of top priority (1st or 2nd choice), as well as submission of a video project created by the student. (The application process happens during February/March of the previous school year).

Google Classroom – accounts

All students in the Roseville City School District have gmail accounts (6 digit All assignments, announcements, and links will be posted to Google Classroom for all 6 periods of my Comm Tech courses. Students can log into their RCSDkids accounts from any device with internet access, being sure to type their whole address (with the; or by logging into “Clever.”


Students grades for Comm Tech are 100% Summative/Academic Content Scores – meaning their finished projects graded on an IB Rubric for either Visual and Performing Arts, or Design

Academic Behavior, or “learning behaviors” will be reported separately (in all classes), starting this 2018-19 school year. There are 3 Learning Behaviors that will be reported out with scores of R (Rarely), S (Sometimes), C (Consistently), TWICE A TRIMESTER, are:

  • Engagement
  • Utilized Feedback
  • Work Completion

RCSD Learning Behaviors Rubric

Parent Information about RCSD Grading Policy (single page) 

Parent Information about RCSD Grading Policy (detailed explanation)

Advanced Comm Tech students

Intermediate Comm Tech Students