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Mrs. Murray is the Art Teacher at Chilton School. 
Parents and students, please feel free to contact me any time through voice mail or email: – email
Chilton School-916-771-1870 x.88144
Please note: messages will be returned as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.


Each student needs to come each day with these art supplies:

Sketchbook (unlined paper, 8.5 by 11- standard size)

Number 2 pencils/good erasers (NO mechanical pencils in art please!)

Personal pencil sharpener

Small Scissors

Glue stick

Mini stapler with staples

$10 voluntary donation is requested from each student to offset the cost of art projects. 
If you would like to donate supplies for the classroom, please refer to this needs list:

brown paper grocery bags (not plastic)

duck/duct tape in any color

highlighter pens
glue sticks
pencils (#2, not mechanical)

extra erasers 
white board pens
cleaning wipes

construction paper

Sharpie pens

Crayola markers

gift cards to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s craft supplies
Any donations welcomed and appreciated! Thank you!

A note to students: I suggest students pair up with a Study Buddy.  Students should exchange phone numbers or email addresses with another student in class. Please email me if you know in advance that you will be gone for a planned absence (so that I have enough time to get work together for you).

Have you been online to check your grades lately? You should go online regularly to check your scores.  Grades are always available for parents and students to view online any time.  Please contact the school front office if you are having technical difficulties or need a password or help with logging in.  Please allow me plenty of time for assignments, assessments, projects, etc. to be scored and updated in the online gradebook.
Grading categories are as follows: 90% Academic Content, and 10% Academic Behavior and College Readiness (practices, formative assessment, prepared, collaboration, etc.) 


Art students will learn the 7 Elements of Art- Texture, Value, Form, Color, Line, Shape, and Space.
Art students will focus on artistic perception, creative expression, art history, aesthetic valuing, and making art connect to other subjects and careers.

Thank you.


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