Roseville City School District

Bridges is an intervention program designed to benefit students who may be having academic and social challenges at school. Students in Bridges will be supported by one classroom teacher for English and Math using core and intervention curriculum. Bridges will work with your student’s other teachers to continue the level of support for their academic success. Bridges will also work closely with the middle school counselor to provide student support, as needed, as well as whole class instruction in the areas of organization, study skills, and peer relationships. Students in Bridges are upheld to a high level of behavior expectations as to allow the teacher to provide comprehensive and appropriate intervention to all students

7th Grade Schedule: (1st Period) Math (2nd Period) Science (3rd Period) English Language Arts (6th Period) Study Skills 

8th Grade Schedule: (4th Period) Math (5th Period) English Language Arts 

All classes will be using Google Classroom for notes, assignments, announcements, videos and many other helpful tools.  Please feel free to contact me, if you would like to keep up to date with your child’s education.