Roseville City School District

Welcome to 1st Grade at Crestmont School! We are the KINDNESS CLASS in Room #17!


Our Class WebsiteThis is your one click to our classroom’s website. You will find lots of helpful information!


          Your 1st grader will have homework every Monday through Thursday. 
Every Monday, students will have their new spelling word list and 
sentences to complete.  This is due on Tuesday and will be corrected 
and sent home again. Please keep in a safe place at home to study with 
for the rest of the week.

     Reading homework also comes home during the week.  Your child 
will be required to read a story, book, or word list.  Please sign the green 
Reading Homework sheet.

      I also send math homework, the Writing Homework Journal, or art projects
to be completed at home.

     Look for the “HOMEWORK” stamp at the top of any paper.

     Check my links for some great first grade websites that your child can 
practice for homework.

     Please monitor and assist with homework as needed.  Your first 
grader should practice responsibility by putting their own completed 
homework into their homework envelope and then into their backpack.  
Students that do not turn in their homework will be required to do it over 
the next day during recess, unless I receive a note from a parent.