Roseville City School District


Computer Lab

AR Bookfinder
Look up a book at home to see its AR level!

Author’s Purpose
Figure out what the author’s purpose is of several passages.

Coding Fun
Coding for beginners

Grammar games
Fun with grammar

Language Arts games
Fun with Language Arts

Noun game
Proper noun, common noun, or not a noun? Play the game!

Pioneer game

Switcheroo Zoo
Test what you know about plant and animal adaptations!

Take a test

Typing game:

Fun Sites

Charlotte’s Web(site)
Explore Wilbur’s world with some interactive games.

Cool Math

How fast can you type? game


Time for Kids Magazine and Games

Math Sites

Division: Demolition Division

Fraction pizza
Interactive game to practice equivalent fractions

Fraction racecars
Be a racecar driver and add like fractions to win the race!

Math website: Macmillan
Play games, practice math facts with Fact Dash, and watch lessons!

Multiplication: Grand Prix
Race against your friends and be the fastest one to answer multiplication facts!

Multiplication: Space Race
Race against your friends in this Space Race and be the fastest to answer your multiplication facts!

Place Value puzzler
Identify place value in large numbers OR practice rounding in large numbers.

Probability site


Bat research #1 (M)

Bat Research #2 (E)

Bat Research #3 (H)

Christmas Around the World
Find out how other countries celebrate the holidays.

Maidu Indians

Martin Luther King Jr. timeline
Click “holidays,” then “MLK Jr.,” then the very first link to view a timeline of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life.

PG&E Energy for Kids

Science: Astronomy for Kids
Research each of the planets in our solar system!

Science: Energy Star Kids
Your planet needs you! Find out why!

Science: habitats
Research various habitats around the world.

The Sacramento Bee
Read today’s issue of the Sacramento Bee. Password is “verb.”