Roseville City School District

About Me

I am a teacher at the beginning of my career with a passion for learning and growth! I love students and differentiating instruction and learning through G.L.A.D, technology and Depth and Complexity Icons. I love learning and sharing that excitement with students and colleagues. I hope to not only teach students valuable academic concepts, but also encourage students socially, teach them valuable information to be healthy individuals and give them tools to encounter life’s ups and downs with confidence! I love making learning engaging and fun! I enjoy integrating technology in my classroom so students learn how to be creators with technology rather than consumers of technology. 

This will be my fifth year teaching! This is my third year teaching third grade at Blue Oaks Elementary. Prior to coming to Blue Oaks Elementary, I taught second grade for two years at Carlton Avenue Elementary in Los Gatos. I graduated with honors from Long Beach State with a Bachelors in Education. I later went to UC Santa Cruz to pursue and earn my Credential and Master’s Degree in Education. I am grateful to be at Blue Oaks working with a remarkable staff, with such wonderful students. 

Teaching Philosophy

1. I believe that it is an educators responsibility to provide a safe and welcoming community for students to learn, grow and make mistakes. This is accomplished through a positive classroom environment and developing meaningful relationships with students. Students should be confident that the school and their teacher are a part of a community that cares. 

2. I believe it is my responsibility as an educator to be an innovative learner. I believe that I should always be seeking growth in order to enhance learning and engage students. Through professional development at the district and on a personal level I hope to create differentiated instruction that accommodates different learning styles and student needs. 

3. I believe it is my responsibility to be educated and prepared. I think it is important to give students clear expectations about curriculum and behavior. This also means that I have well planned lesson plans that allow student growth through inquiry and peer collaboration.