Roseville City School District

Welcome Back! I know there is much uncertainty and concern looming as we begin the 2021-2022 school year, but be confident in knowing that we will have an amazing year of learning and experiences that will build upon an already excellent education foundation. I am so thrilled to participate with you as a partner in your child’s education. Together, through hard-work, understanding, communication, and care, we will provide your child a glimpse into the amazing cultural, geographical, political, economic, technological, and religious events in World History. We will be actively engaged in learning about the events that have transpired since the beginning of recorded history and have shaped the world into what we are today. 

What should your child expect to learn in my class? 

Your child will walk through events in time by examining historic readings, appreciating the arts and understanding its reflection of culture, and understanding how political decisions, economic events, culture, technology, and religious movements shaped historical events, all the while appreciating the richness and depth of people’s lives throughout time. We will be engaged in a rigorous academic program that encompasses reading, writing, presentations, and projects. Curriculum and learning will be specifically designed to engage your child in a meaningful way and will provide them with opportunities to showcase their knowledge and understanding  that reflects the best of their personal abilities, while addressing their individual, educational needs.

I look forward to an amazing year :)