Roseville City School District

Math 8 Syllabus

Mr. Croisetiere Room #1   

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771-1725 Ext. 19101

Course Description: 

Math 8 is the pre-requisite course that will prepare you for Integrated 1 next year.  Math 8 includes equations, transformations, angles and triangles, graphing and writing linear equations, systems of linear equations, functions, the Pythagorean Theorem, geometry, and the standards for mathematical practice. Your success will be determined by hard work, participation, and your ability to understand concepts covered in class.


What You Need To Be Successful

In addition to the three ring binder and planner that the school sells, students will need:

pencils and lead (mechanical preferred), a good eraser, ruler, protractor, and a basic calculator.


Grading Policy:

Grades will be determined by your ability to show that you understand the concepts we have covered during class.  By completing your classwork every day, you will increase your chances of being successful on the tests and quizzes. Your final grade is will be 100% assessments.


In-class Assignments: 

Your in-class assignment will be done during the class period. If you do not complete this assignment in class, complete it for homework.

Copy the weekly assignments from the white board on Monday. If you are absent, go to my Google Classroom for assignments and video lessons. (See the link for my Google Classroom)

If you are absent, you are responsible for getting your make up work from me.

Math Help is available Monday-Friday from 8-8:40 am. See the schedule for room locations.


Parent Support:

Use the link above so you and your Student can have support when at home. These are super easy one sheet docs that gives a clear description of:

the math your student will learn in each packet

what students will be able to do and understand by the end of the packet

visuals to show parents what the models (like double number lines) should look like

some even have links to youtube videos with demonstrations