Roseville City School District

Department Mission Statement



The mission of the Roseville City School District Personnel Department is to provide service that supports the maximum learning for each and every one of our students.


In order to fulfill our mission, we are dedicated to creating a department in which…

  1. Each and every person we interact with has a fulfilling and positive experience.
  2. We provide efficient and effective services.
  3. We attract and hire the most qualified candidates and provide support for their success.
  4. We work collaboratively as a professional learning team and continually strive to improve

Personnel Department Collective Commitments

  1. We will continue to develop positive relationships with each other, our colleagues, district employees, potential employees, students and community members.
  2. We will communicate respectfully and utilize active listening skills.
  3. We will work as a team to share, support and problem solve challenges within the department and district.
  4. We will communicate operation/policy changes and new ideas in a timely manner.
  5. We will ensure all employees are provided necessary information in a friendly, clear and helpful manner.
  6. We will continually evaluate our processes to ensure compliance, proficiency, and clarity.
  7. We will pursue a commitment to continuous improvement in our performance
  8. We will continually strive to facilitate practices that result in hiring and developing employees of the highest caliber.
  9. We will celebrate accomplishments and promote department and district spirit.