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Roseville City School District


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Bus Applications 24/25 School Year:

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Transportation services are available to students who live in designated busing areas.

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If you have any questions regarding transportation please contact the Transportation Coordinator at 916-771-1680.

Bus Ridership Rules & Regulations

  1. Students are expected to stay in their seats facing forward while being transported on the bus. If a school bus is equipped with seat belts, passengers are expected to wear them while the bus is in motion. The driver may assign students seats.
  2. Eating, drinking, chewing gum, or smoking will not be allowed on the buses.
  3. No part of the body may be extended out of the windows.
  4. Skateboards, bundles of newspapers, cans, balloons of any kind, or glass are not allowed on buses at any time.
  5. If any item cannot be comfortably carried on a student’s lap, it is prohibited from the bus.
  6. Pets or other animals may not be transported on the bus.
  7. Students are not permitted to interfere with other students or their property.
  8. Screaming, shouting, playing loud music, or causing any unnecessary loud noise will not be allowed.
  9. Profane language, throwing of articles, shooting rubber bands, scuffling, or any other unnecessary commotion, or disturbance is not permitted.
  10. Students are to refrain from touching other students; fighting and horseplay and public displays of affection (such as kissing, and cuddling) are prohibited.
  11. Students defacing buses, in any way, will be required to pay for damages and may lose bus riding privileges.
  12. Students are not to deface private property on or near bus stops.
  13. Students may not tamper with or operate any of the equipment on the bus unless instructed to do so by the driver in an emergency situation.
  14. Cleats or spikes may not be worn on the bus.
  15. In the event of an emergency evacuation, students will remain with the bus until district transportation is provided. Students may be released only to a parent/guardian or authorized agent.
  16. Any behavior which is not considered to be in compliance with safe riding practices will be subject to citation and possible loss of riding privileges.
  17. All students are expected to follow district and public health and safety guidelines.

The cooperation of all pupils and parents is requested to the end that pupils being transported under school authority shall be guaranteed the greatest possible safety. Pupils must realize that the safety of their own lives as well as those of their schoolmates depends upon cooperative bus conduct. Failure to comply with safe riding practices may result in the loss of the privilege of riding the bus.

Bus Stop Regulations

  1. Students should arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes prior to pick-up time. Students are not allowed to cross the street within the sight of a bus driver unless the flashing red lights are activated by the driver. Students should not wait on the opposite side of the street from the bus stop unless told to do so by the bus driver.
  2. Students are to stay out of the street and wait in an orderly manner. Students are subject to the transportation discipline policy while waiting for a bus.
  3. Students will only be dropped off or picked up on the same side of the street as the bus stop.
  4. Buses will make designated stops only.
  5. Parents should not flag down or drive in front of a bus in order to stop it. Buses are not allowed to stop at any place other than a designated school bus stop. Parents may not board the bus at any time.
  6. Students are not to deface private property at or near bus stops.

Administrative Rules & Regulations – Regarding Behavior of Students While Riding the School Bus

  1. The bus driver is responsible for the behavior of the students aboard the bus.
  2. The bus driver shall expect and will receive, full administrative support in exercising his/her duties in maintaining proper student behavior aboard the bus. This support, of necessity, is based on the premise that the bus driver has exercised reasonable judgment in performing his/her duties.
  3. No student shall be permitted off the bus except at the designated stop.
  4. Suspension
    1. A violation of a safety measure, i.e., turning off warning lights when the bus is stopped, opening an emergency exit, or any action which endangers the bus and/or passengers is an automatic suspension of up to 10 days. The Transportation Supervisor, in consultation with the bus driver, shall make a recommendation to the principal.
    2. The first incident of misconduct, other than violation of a safety measure, shall result in the student receiving a notice of warning from the bus driver. A copy of this notice will also be given to the principal.
    3. A second warning will result in an automatic suspension of busing privileges for a period to be determined and a conference between the parent, student, principal, and bus driver, if deemed necessary.
    4. A third or subsequent warning may result in an automatic suspension for the remainder of the school year.