Roseville City School District

Superintendent’s Message
October 2019

Growing our Minds…But How?

Education is what I am immersed in every day. Each day, I work with educators who are determined to help students reach their potential. We read the data, analyze results and grow from what we learn. What if I told you there is a mindset we can each adopt that helps every single one of us, as parents, community members, and #RCSDChampions?

The concept was first introduced to me by author Carol Dweck, Ph.D., and since then, many books have been published that explore what it means to have a “growth mindset.” For me, it’s about adjusting thoughts from “I can’t do this” to “I can’t do this yet.” The opposite of a growth mindset is a fixed mindset, which shies away from challenges and carries the belief that skills and knowledge are predetermined.

A growth mindset believes:

Skills and knowledge can be developed

A focus on improving is better than focusing only on what you are good at

Challenges are a way to grow and to develop 

We learn from feedback

So far this year, our staff has had one day of formal professional development under their belt, with four more days planned for the remainder of the year. While I know the days “off” may present challenges for parents and caretakers, I encourage you to adopt a growth mindset when it comes to understanding why these planned days of learning create the educational environment that is paramount to remaining a desirable, high achieving district. We can adjust our thoughts from “this really messes up our schedules” to “we want our educators to have access to all the learning they need to help our children be the best version of themselves.” 

Our staff development days include grade level and site level trainings, discussions with subject matter experts, research and implementation to increase student support and many other essential topics. 

I feel incredibly fortunate we are able to offer these dedicated learning days in a collaborative setting. I want to thank our community of parents, caretakers, teachers, administrators and support staff for making the investment in trying to be better each day for our children.

To learn more about a growth mindset, I’d encourage you to watch Dr. Dweck’s TedTalk:

As always, if you have feedback or a question, please drop me a line. 


Derk Garcia


Superintendent’s Message
August, 2019

Back to School!

August is when we all head back to school and begin reminiscing about what did over the several weeks of summer break. I’d like to share what our District did over the summer!

Perhaps most noteworthy, we began summer by breaking ground on our 20th school, Riego Creek, located near Crawford Parkway and Fiddyment Road. We were joined by our board of education trustees, District staff, city council members and our construction team, all of whom took part in shoveling the first mounds of dirt!

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Superintendent’s Message
July, 2019

Summer fever has hit our house and between movie nights, blasting music and video game tournaments, it can be challenging to really connect (and disconnect!) with my boys. I hear parents lament about this frequently: How do you get your kids to unplug from their devices and focus on the human interaction that helps develop their social skills, emotional intelligence, and kindness? Well, I have a few tricks my up sleeve!


Superintendent’s Message
June, 2019

Ah, summer’s in the air and our students are enjoying time off from school with their families. While our #RCSDChampions are spending the summer recuperating from another school year on their educational journey, the Roseville City School District keeps hustlin’ and bustlin’!


Superintendent’s Message
May, 2019

Time to Wrap it Up!

The end of each school year traditionally is a time to reflect over the many goals and milestones we accomplished this year. We usually scratch our heads and think—”Where did the year go!?” While we take a look back, we are also looking forward to new opportunities and ways to grow that will allow us to prepare our students to succeed. I’d like to share with you why I believe why this school year shaped up to be one of the most productive and memorable for me as your superintendent. 


Superintendent’s Message
March, 2019

It’s one thing to talk the talk, but it’s a whole ‘nother ball game to walk the walk. So, when Roseville City School District says that we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence in education, we work to put those words into action. Our ultimate goal is to maximize learning for each and every one of our students.  Additionally, we strive for all of our children to be proficient in Common Core State Standards and to progress towards college and career readiness.


Superintendent’s Message
February, 2019

Each year, many of us create lists: things we’d like to change, improve or focus on in our lives. 

But what about creating a list that takes stock of what we love about our lives and communities? Things that make us who and what we are. This year, I’d like to list a few things I appreciate most about Roseville City School District:

Our staff. They bring their best to the classroom each day, investing time, energy and genuine care into their students. Their commitment to academic excellence raises the bar with each passing year.


Superintendent’s Message
January, 2019

A new year signifies a blank slate and an opportunity to start fresh with goals. While most feel a renewed sense of purpose with a new calendar year, those of us in education acknowledge our year really starts with the school year. January is the time when both of those calendars come together. As we welcome 2019, our district is already preparing for the 2019 – 2020 school year. Yes, that’s right! It’s time to enroll new, returning and transferring students.


Superintendent’s Message
November 2018

As we “fall” into a new school year routine and a new season, I am feeling extra thankful to lead a school district full of eager and ready-to-be challenged students and staff. What more could I ask for?

Our families, staff and school board members create a community of schools, making each day a valuable opportunity for our more than 11,000 students to shine. This fall, while I give thanks to the familiar faces I get to work alongside every day, I am pleased to welcome two new school board members who will join our hard-working and dedicated team of RCSD Champions.


Superintendent’s Message
October, 2018

The Roseville City School District community of students, staff, parents, and guardians is growing! Your child spends so much of their time with us, learning, creating and growing every day. This requires enough resources to sustain their curiosity, desire to learn and provide the facilities needed to support all our students. Here is a snapshot of our District by the numbers:


Superintendent’s Message
September, 2018

Roseville has been a growing community since its incorporation in 1909. Did you know that 100 years ago, the city’s population hovered around 4,000 residents? With the city’s daytime population now around 135, 000, our school district is serving more than 11,000 TK-8th grade students in 19 schools. That’s the highest enrollment we’ve experienced to date!


Superintendent’s Message
August, 2018

The Board of Education and I would like to welcome you to the Roseville City School District and the 2018-19 school year.  More than 11,000 TK – 8th-grade children arrive every day ready to learn in one of our nineteen safe and caring schools.  Teachers and classified staff work diligently to provide meaningful learning opportunities for every child, while engaged parents are active in their school communities.  All indicators are pointing in positive directions for Roseville City.