Roseville City School District

Parent and Staff Communication: August 28th, 2020


Distance Learning Modified Schedule

In RCSD, we pride ourselves on seeking feedback and getting better each day.  Based on parent and teacher feedback, your school will modify their daily schedule to mirror their Monday PLC schedule and have a common lunch and recess (elementary only) time across the school site starting on September 8, 2020.  This will reduce the amount of daily screen time for our students and increase our staff’s preparation time.

While the live instruction dismissal time will be earlier, students are to complete assigned independent work before the next school day. Also, with parent permission, some specialized services may be provided after the live instruction dismissal time as needed.

Your principal and teachers will send out your child’s modified school and classroom schedule next week. 

Please check below for an update from Technology Services.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback.  We appreciate your flexibility and grace. 


Derk Garcia

Technology Update – Zoom Authentication (ACTION REQUIRED)

One thing we have learned is that Zoom, while a quality product, has some security and privacy concerns. In an effort to protect the security and privacy of our students and staff, we have made some changes to our Zoom settings and will continue to monitor and adjust these settings to allow more functionality and to increase security and student privacy. 

Action is required to authenticate student accounts and needs to be completed before the start of school on September 1, 2020.  If we follow the directions provided below, we believe we can minimize privacy concerns during our time doing Distance Learning. 

  • Name Changes:  For security reasons, we have removed the ability for students to change their names on our Zoom platform.
  • Authenticated Participants Only: By September 1, 2020, all students must sign-in to Zoom using their Google RCSDKIDS account to attend teacher Zoom meetings. Directions on how to login to Zoom with student RCSDKIDS credentials are on the Parent Resource Site and available here. Additionally, emails have been sent to all students who have not yet authenticated through their @rcsdkids account.

Thank you for your help with these changes. Our goal is to provide quality distance learning while still maintaining student safety and privacy.