Roseville City School District

RCSD Foundation


The goal of our all-volunteer organization is simple: to be a resource for all schools in the Roseville City School District and make a difference to the children in our community. Our vision is to engage you and others in our community with helping us make our schools the best place to learn for our children.

Please take a moment to learn about the ways we support our schools, as well as, how you can help. Together we will make a difference!

Our Mission

The Roseville City School District (RCSD) Foundation is a community-based organization whose mission is to enhance, expand, and enrich the education of each child in the Roseville City School District.

Our Vision

Our vision is to engage the entire community to participate in realizing this mission.

Our Organization

Established in 2005, the RCSD Foundation was created to assist the district with providing the means to enhance, expand, and enrich the education of all Roseville children. Our Board of Directors is a team of volunteers representing every facet of our community. They are parents, staff, and community leaders who generously donate their time and energy to the RCSD Foundation. All Board members share an ongoing
commitment to a high standard of education in Roseville.

How We Support Our Schools

The City of Roseville has great schools. The seventeen elementary and middle schools in the RCSD offer an amazing array of educational opportunities for over 9,000 students with well-trained and dedicated teachers and school staff members. Our schools are able to offer so much, when most school districts in California cannot, because of the
commitment and generosity of the community. We are fortunate to have a vehicle within Roseville that helps sustain this excellence — the Roseville City School District Foundation. The Foundation supports the RCSD in three main funding areas: the Endowment Fund, Partners in Education (PIE) Fund, and the Elementary Music Program. For more information about these funding areas, please visit the How We Help Schools page.

Why We Do It

Public school funding in the State of California has changed dramatically over the last twenty five years. Since California’s public schools receive the majority of their funding on a per student basis from the state government, the State deficit has resulted in dramatically reduced allocations to education. Consequently, school districts throughout California have been forced to make major cuts to local budgets. Currently, the RCSD has made over $5 million in operating reductions, and has worked collaboratively to marshal local resources in order to maintain its high standards of excellence. Impressive parent and community participation in school and Foundation fundraisers have made it possible for our schools to preserve essential programs and services long lost in other communities and districts.

We are committed to educating our students to become active citizens and leaders of tomorrow. It takes the collective efforts of our community and schools, to provide our children a first rate educational experience.

How We Differ From Parent Teacher Clubs

There are Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) or Parent Teacher Clubs (PTCs) at each of our seventeen school sites who raise substantial funds for our schools. Focused at each school site, these groups are parent–based and rely on volunteers. Their purpose is to help their school’s administration provide essential programs and services for their students. The funds raised are distributed by their PTA or PTC, which work with their administration to help determine program funding at their specific school site.

Like a PTA or PTC, the Foundation is a community-based, volunteer organization. However, the Foundation represents every student in the RCSD. While some of our Board members have children who attend our public schools, others do not. An extraordinary commitment to children and public education is the hallmark of our organization.

Our goal is to promote academic excellence, champion innovation in teaching, and provide sustained financial support to the entire RCSD. We actively seek donations from the entire Roseville community through our annual fund drive, soliciting grants, and generous contributions from local businesses. The Foundation then puts these funds to work at all school sites.

All information and events for the 2017-2018 school year will be advertised on this web page. If you would like to visit the webpage for the foundation, please do so here.