Roseville City School District

Technology Purchasing


The intent of this training is to equip users with the knowledge on the process of technology equipment purchasing. The following guide will outline the process from beginning to end pinpointing resources that will be used.

Requesting A Quote

All Technology equipment quotes must be requested by submitting a helpdesk ticket in SchoolDude. Please be clear when requesting types of products and quantities. If you are not sure or clear on approved products description or price, please use the Technology Purchasing Price List available on the district website or contact Lisa Wilson in Technology Services.

Is This New Technology?

After a quote has been obtained a New Technology Request (NTR) may need to be submitted. A NTR is an approval process that is looked at and approved by Educational Services,Business Services and Technology Services. NTR approval is need before proceeding with a requisition/purchase order in Escape.

A NTR is not needed if this is a replacement item. Replacement items are considered to be an exact match in product type.

Creating A Requisition In Escape

Important things to remember when creating a requisition for Technology products.

  • Always make sure to include the SchoolDude ticket ID number in the comment line. If the ticket number is not in the comment line of your requisition it will not be approved by Technology and you will have to reopen and submit it again with the corrections made. This will cause a delay in the PO process.
  • Quotes should reference 1050 Main Street address for the billing/sold to address and 1046 Main Street for the shipping address. Quotes with site addresses will be returned to the site for correction by the vendor.
  • Proposal or quote number should be noted in the item description of the requisition, preferably as the last line of the last line item so as not to confuse the vendor.
  • Please make sure quotes have not expired before attaching them to the requisition in Escape. If a quote expires before all approvals are obtained, a new quote will be required before the order can be processed. (A good reason to follow the progress of your requisition)
  • Goods and services should be listed on the requisition as individual line items with item numbers and descriptions – or as indicated on the quote.
  • Tangible goods shall be charged the appropriate CA sales tax. Line items such as labor, e-waste and licensing are all examples of non-taxable items.
  • Individual items with a cost of $499 or less require object 4300 while individual items of $500 or more require object 4400.
  • Account codes will need a sub object 11 so equipment can be tracked.
  • Purchases for technology equipment from vendors such as Staples, Office Depot or School Specialty will need to have a separate technology account code (sub-object 11) for the technology portion of the order – not including items such as cords, cables, etc.
  • New vendors for technology related goods and services (including software) should first be submitted to and approved by Technology.
  • The total for the requisition should match the total for the quote. There will be a few exceptions, but generally the quote will match the requisition. If it does not match, check each line item and shipping for accuracy.
  • Keep in mind when purchasing Chromebooks/Carts that some orders are white gloved/shipped to a different location and you may see a different tax rate. (This is not that common) DO NOT adjust the tax rate field on the requisition.

If you have any questions whether the requisition will be approved by Purchasing, contact Lori or Penny to go over the req before you submit.