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I am so blessed to be a teacher. I cherish the opportunity to help prepare young people to tackle the challenges of 7th grade life, while also prepping them for what awaits in high school and beyond. I teach social studies but I also believe that I am teaching the students in my class skills that will be beneficial in life. We are going to argue, discuss, analyze, critique, persuade, collaborate, write, read, annotate, and more throughout the course of this school year. 

I am inspired by my parents Mark and Laurie and their efforts to provide for and raise myself and my two brothers. I am also fueled to teach by my wife and children who are my everything. My wife and I have been married for 8 years, and we are blessed daily by Eli, who is six years old and so compassionate toward others (even his sister, sometimes), Everette, who is 4 but thinks she is in charge and so strong willed, and Emmett, who is 1 and is now into everything in our home because he can be (his actions support this). We have a dog Boche and two cats Tiny (his name rings with Irony) and Black ears (who has black ears). 

I promise to do my VERY BEST every day. I care for each student as if they were my own child. If you are a student that will try your best I GUARANTEE this will be a year that you will NEVER FORGET!

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Day 6                      8/16   

Finish Walkthru

Unit Overview

Geograpic Literacy Video

HW- Finish Walkthru/Terms for Rome by Monday (class competition)

Highest % gets 3 points


Day 5                      8/15  

Annotating Text

Unit Overview Rome/Walkthru

HW- Finish Annotating Text


Day 4                      8/14   

Finish First (4th day of school Activity)

Annotating the text (skill)

HW- Get school supplies by Tomorrow


Day 3                      8/13  



First Day (well third day activity)

HW- Parent HW assignment (by tomorrow)

Get school supplies by Wednesday


Day 2                      8/19   

Finish Who is this Guy?

Chromebooks – Map Intro


Day 1                      8/18  

Do the activity on your desk

Who is this Guy? (Activity)