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Welcome to Mr. O’Connor’s 5th grade class @ Blue Oaks

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Blue Oaks 5th Grade






Language Arts

Typing (dance-mat)​


Khan Academy
Students can make use of Khan’s extensive video library, interactive challenges, and assessments from any computer with access to the web.  A good way to start is by simply typing in “multiplying fractions” (or whatever skill) and watch and high quality video-lesson on the subject.


Math Playground


Fun Formating

Online Art Activities



Body Systems

NOAA Extreme Weather

Our Science Program
This website and its links are meant to support and enrich students.

Salmon Dissection, virtual

Severe Weather

Solar System Page

Water Conservation

Social Studies

13 Colonies

Colonies Matching Game

Biography information

More Explorers
explorer biography

Our Social Studies Program

States and Capitals

U.S. Constitution

Photo Gallery