Roseville City School District

What is going on in PE class?


6th grade: Volleyball 
7/8th grade: Track and Field

Monday & Thursdays are fitness days.  Monday will mostly be dedicated running and/or cardio fitness activities.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Fridays will be our activity unit days.

Missed fitness assignments? (bootcamps, runs, fitness test).  Make ups will be done Tuesday mornings at 8:15 – 8:30am. 

Labeling PE Clothes:

Shirt: First Name, Last Name (ex: Barbara Chilton)
Shorts: Last Name, First Initial (ex:Chilton, B.)

Sweatshirts & Pants.  Students may only wear plain/solid navy blue, orange, black or grey.
(Jackets, other colored sweat clothes, or with logos, screen printing, etc. is not acceptable).


Academic content assignments will be assessed using the following rubric:

Beginning, Approaching, Proficient, Mastery

Academic behavior will be assessed using “rarely”, “sometimes,” and “consistently.”


Please encourage your child to exercise and/or work on their movement skills at home.  Better yet, exercise with them. When in doubt…….”Run Forest, Run!”
   Boys Volleyball: 

Basketball players, click here for information.  Use rcsdk8 account to access.

2019 8th grade boys tryouts will begin Wednesday October 9th at 7:00am. 



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