Roseville City School District

What is going on in PE class?


6th grade: Folk & Line Dancing  
7/8th grade: Square Dance

Monday & Thursdays are fitness days.  Monday will mostly be dedicated running and/or cardio fitness activities.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Fridays will be our activity unit days.

Missed fitness assignments? (bootcamps, runs, fitness test).  Make ups will be done Tuesday mornings at 8:15 – 8:30am. 

Labeling PE Clothes:

Shirt: First Name, Last Name (ex: Barbara Chilton)
Shorts: Last Name, First Initial (ex:Chilton, B.)

Sweatshirts & Pants.  Students may only wear plain/solid navy blue, orange, black or grey.
(Jackets, other colored sweat clothes, or with logos, screen printing, etc. is not acceptable).


30% Academic Behavior grade each week.  The grade essentially is a participation grade based on the students attendance and daily work.  

  • Self Responsibility
  • Social Interaction
  • Group Dynamics

30% Fitness
Mondays and Thursdays are fitness days.  Mondays will be some type of cardiovascular activity/run.  Thursday fitness days will be a combination of cardiovascular and core exercises.  Students missing these days will need to make them up for credit.  

40% Movement skills and concepts.   
Physical Skills required during sport/activity units.
Written quizes and/or assignments related to sport/activity units. 

Please encourage your child to exercise and/or work on their movement skills at home.  Better yet, exercise with them. When in doubt…….”Run Forest, Run!”



7th & 8th Girls basketball tryouts start January 8th, 3:30pm.

Basketball players, click here for information.  Use rcsdk8 account to access.


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