Roseville City School District

This will be my twelfth year proudly teaching as a Buljan Bulldog. I tremendously enjoy helping students to reach their full academic, personal, and social potentials while maintaining engaging and collaborative working environments. My mission as an educator is to guide my students to develop and cultivate growth mindsets in regard to their own learning, critical thinking, and goal setting. I have 180 days to positively influence students’ abilities to navigate the multi-tasking demands of the world around them, and I take every day very seriously. I highly attempt to maintain a “Work hard and play hard” mentality in our classroom that keeps students feeling challenged and happy to walk through our classroom door everyday. I gladly look forward to the 2019-2020 school year and GO BULLDOGS!!!

Campus Roles: P.B.I.S. Teacher Lead, RCSD Teacher Data Coordinator for Buljan Middle School

Awards: Placer County Charter Association of School Administrators- Teachers Who Make a Difference, Buljan Middle School (2010, 2018)

Fernandes Assignments and Events Lis

Week of 10/7/19

Tues.- 6.6 math test and PAGES 20-21 DUE

Week of 9/30/19

Wed. – Math pages 18-19 from 6.6. packet due

Friday.- Math pages 20-21 from 6.6. packet work day

Week of 9/23/19

Wed.- 6.4 Assessment in math (review sheet and pages 14-17 due)

Week of 9/16/19

Tues.- Study Heat Transfer notes to finish tests and math quiz 3A

Wed.- 6.3 Benchmark factors quiz

Week of 9/9/19

Tues.- Math 6.3 pages 4-6 due

Wed.- Math 6.3 pages 10-11 due + Complete SMART goal paragraph and study for heat transfer test

Thur.- Science heat transfer test

Week of 9/4/19

Thur.- Sci.- heat transfer paragraph due and page 33 from 6.2 math packet

Fri.- Heat transfer quiz

Week of 8/26/19

Tue.- Complete 6.2 packet page 16 and page one of science cognitive dictionary (Heat Transfer, Conduction, Convection)

Thurs.- 6.2 pages 17-18 and heat transfer cognitive dictionary due

Fri.- 6.2 test and heat transfer quiz and math practice test due (we’ll go over in class before the test)

* For parent support- refer to the Math Links parent resources for packet 2 on the drop down link.

Week of 8/19/19

Tue.- Complete pages 8-9 from packet 2. Remember, feel free to use visual models, examples, and brief explanations when you explain something. The multiplication chard is made up of multiples of the grey numbers on the top row and side column. 

Tue./Wed.- i-Ready diagnostic testing

Thur.- Math packet pages 10-12 due

Friday- Math math packet page 14 due (refer to the Math Links parent resources for packet 2 on the drop down link)

Week of 8/12/19

Mon.- Complete pg. 11 for Greatest Common Factor from packet #2 and About Me Haiku Poem: 

DIRECTIONS: Write a Haiku poem that captures who you are as a person. A Haiku poem is a form of Japanese poetry written with three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables, respectively. It’s okay if it’s close in regard to number of syllables per line. Include a small sketch next to your titled poem and have fun!


Mr. Fernandes

Tall, loud, and is proud

Helps to push his students well

Isn’t that scary

Tues.- Back to School Night from 5:30pm-7:30pm and complete pg. 12 for Least Common Multiple

Wed. and Thur.- Due Friday, complete packet #2 Word Bank by writing the definition or describing the term in your own words. Also, please write an example of the concept. Use your new Resource Packet you received in class, the attachment to this web page, or Google to find the information.

Thur.- Complete Skill Builders #2, pg. 27, from packet #2 

Week of 8/8/19

Thursday: 1st Day of School

Friday: 1st Day Packets due Monday, 8/9/19

Steps of the Scientific Method

1. What is the purpose? What would you like to learn? Scientists are curious to find out how things work.

2. What research will you need to discover? What do you need to find out about your topic? Become informed about what you are trying to learn.

3. What question will you answer? What are you trying to discover? Create a hypothesis that answers what will happen if something occurs.

4. How will you conduct an experiment? What materials will you need? Your experiment will prove or disprove your hypothesis.

5. How will you analyze your results and findings? Review your data to begin to draw conclusions.

6. What did you learn from your experiment? Were you correct in your hypothesis?

2019-2020 School Year Syllabus

Course Descriptions

6th Grade Math: The course will include the study of mathematics as it applies to California Common Core 6th grade standards and the world around us. Students will be expected to use creativity and effort to solve problems, collaborate in groups, create their own math problems, connect major themes of mathematics, and much more.

6th Grade Science: The course will include the study of California Common Core standards as they relate to the earth, life, and physical sciences. Students will be expected to think like scientists, connect major scientific ideas and themes, focus on content imperatives, and step outside of themselves and enter the different worlds of science.

Supplies for Class

Buljan Middle School is a nationally recognized training and demonstration school for the Advancement Via Individual Determination (A.V.I.D.) program. Therefore, much focus is placed on organization as a key to student success. The following underlined materials will aid in a student’s academic achievement and fulfill our A.V.I.D. materials checklist.

*Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help supply your child with the needed classroom materials; I am more than happy and willing to help.*

3” Ringed Binder for Five Subjects (language arts, math, social studies, science, and elective)

Binder paper

Ringed dividers

Ringed pencil pouch (if not built in to the binder)

High lighters

Pencils and pens (blue or black ink only)

Markers, colored pencils, or crayons – 8 different colors

Glue stick


Graph paper


3×5 index cards

Class Expectations 

1.  Come to class on time, prepared, and ready to participate. 

2.  Class materials, including assigned packets/textbooks, should be brought to class daily unless otherwise stated. If you need assistance with supplying class materials, please do not hesitate to let me know immediately so I can make accommodations. I am more than happy and willing to help.

3. Chewing gum is not allowed in the classroom and on campus.

4. Bottled water is allowed and welcomed in class (please be sure to write student’s name on any permanent bottle if possible).

5. Respect our learning environment by avoiding disruptive, defiant, and disrespectful behaviors.

6. Respect our learning environment by listening to others and honoring their academic ideas.

7. Respect our learning environment by working with purpose and completing the work.

8. Abide by Buljan’s student/parent handbook in regard to rules, regulations and P.B.I.S. (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports).

Homework Information

Students are responsible to record their classwork/homework assignments in their school planners when appropriate. Assignments and agendas will be listed on the white board daily for students to write down. Students are also responsible to make contacts within the classroom that can be used to find out what the assignment is if class is missed. Also, homework will be posted online at the Buljan Middle School staff page for “Ken Fernandes” at Visit the “Your Schools” drop down link and choose “Buljan” from

Contact Information

Ken Fernandes

School Phone #: 771-1720 x19161

School E-mail:

Please contact me, or have your student contact me, with any questions.


Math Links Parent Resources

Math Links Student Resources (No Print)