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All Eich students are expected to be excellent examples of our “Wildcat Way”:




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                         Class Syllabus

                         Mrs. McDevitt



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Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year as an Eich Wildcat!  It’s hard to believe that summer has passed so quickly. It is my pleasure to have you in class this year. This is going to be a fun, exciting, and challenging year.  I am looking forward to a year packed with many dynamic and rewarding learning experiences.  Enjoy your Eich experience as I did when I attended school here!





We will be using Math Links curriculum (new this year) with Common Core supplemental materials. Math Links is a standards-based curriculum that is dedicated to providing the instruction and skills students need in order to meet California’s high standards. Additionally, we will be engaging in higher level thinking activities and assessments throughout the year to address Common Core Mathematical Practices.  Students will be constructing viable arguments to explain their mathematical thinking. The course is designed to cover all of the key standards and cognitive demands that students need to master in order to be successful next year in Common Core Math 7.



We will be teaching integrated components of Earth, Life, and Physical Science in accordance with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Earth Science

Weather and Climate

Earth’s Systems

Human Impacts

Life Science

Structure, Function and Information Processing

Growth, Development, and Reproduction of Organisms

Physical Science


Engineering Design

Engineering Design


MATERIALS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (These supplies are used daily):

TWO 8 ½ x 11 SINGLE SUBJECT spiral notebook w/ pocket in front

These notebooks are available for purchase for $1 each (grabbed them while on sale!).  Each student will need 2 – one for math and one for science.

Glue Sticks (all year long)

Pencils! Work done in ink will not be accepted.

Dry erase markers (dark colors preferred)

School planner (available for purchase in the school office)


Optional supplies, but recommended:  (Donations throughout the year would be appreciated!)

Highlighters-two colors

Whiteboard eraser (sock or felt works well)

Colored pencils

Optional: Box of facial tissue (Any time of the year)

Optional: Ream of printer paper (Any time of the year)



Students must record all homework in their planner each day/week as the planners are important in communicating daily assignments. Expect to have homework/classwork on a daily (Mon-Thurs) basis.

All math homework will be recorded on an assignment sheet (point sheet) and kept in the student’s toolkit.  (All homework must be done to be eligible to retake a test). Work from absences are the responsibility of each student.

Work must be shown in order to receive full credit on tests and homework.

Assignments and tests must be done in pencil only!

Homework will not be counted in the grade, but must be completed in order to retake tests.  It is very important that all assignments are done thoroughly and completely, because all tests will reflect standards covered on the assignments.

Quizzes or daily work will not be retaken.

Toolkits may be checked and given a grade.  Must be completed and on time for credit.



Students grades for Math 6 are 100% Summative/Academic content scores – meaning their tests and finished projects are graded on an IB rubric.


Academic Behavior, or “Learning Behaviors” will be reported separately (in all classes), starting this school year.  There are 3 learning behaviors that will be reported out with scores of R (rarely), S (sometimes), and C (consistently). They are:


Utilized feedback

Work Completion


*PowerSchool is the best way to keep up on your child’s progress in school.  It is recommended that you check your child’s grades weekly.



Students will have opportunities to retake unit tests provided they have completed ALL homework assignments, submitted an online Test Retake form on my website, completed the test study guide, and original test corrections for that unit prior to the test. Retakes will be given approximately one week after the original test has been handed back for corrections and will be provided during lunch time or after school by appointment.   The application to retest can be found on my website under “Test Retakes” and must be completed in order to retake a test. Tests must be completed within the same trimester of that specific unit.


Mid-Term Progress Reports:  Check PowerSchool at any time! Don’t wait for Progress Reports to be sent home.  However, I will send home a progress report for parents/guardians if your child’s grade is below 70% in math or science.  This occurs 6 weeks into the new trimester.


Trimester 1:  Aug. 9 – Oct. 31       

Trimester 2:  Nov. 1 – Mar. 1       

Trimester 3:  Mar. 2 – May 30



Students are expected to follow all school rules – The Wildcat Way (Safe, Respectful, Responsible). This includes coming to class on time, being in your seat before the bell rings, and being fully prepared for class. In addition, students are expected to:

Show respect to others, which includes listening quietly while others are speaking.

Use appropriate language.

Be prepared for learning (Have all supplies out and ready each day).

Participate appropriately during group tasks.

Respect other people’s property.

No gum, food, or drinks other than water.


Failure to follow the above behavior expectations will result in the following consequences:


Classroom Detention (before or after school as arranged with parent)


Office Referral


Wildcat Paws and other rewards can be earned for excellent behavior and exceeding student expectations.  I often provide internal class incentives when we, as a class, can get the agenda of curriculum completed for the day.



If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to check for missed assignments and to turn them in for credit ASAP.  Keep in mind that students need to turn in work that was due and assigned the day they were absent. These assignments can be located in the WHILE YOU WERE OUT binder and crate.  They are organized by date and there is one crate for math and another for science.  The Class Planner has all the assignments as well.



Parents and guardians are a valued member of the education team.  We need to work as a team in order to provide the students with successful experiences in mathematics and science.  Thank you for supporting your child’s learning in order to make this a successful and positive year at Eich. If you have questions please feel free to contact me at anytime via email or telephone.


Students: Be sure to see your teacher if you feel like you are falling behind or have a question with anything.  It is very important that we have good communication and you seek help the moment you need it.  I’d prefer you and I have the discussion because I want you to become comfortable talking to teachers as you enter middle and high school.


Student Name_______________________________  Math Period _______



***Return this page ONLY!!!***

Front AND Back


Please initial on each line acknowledging you have read this with your child


__________ Supplies brought to school by Monday, August 13th.


2 SINGLE SUBJECT spiral notebooks WITH a pocket in front

2 glue sticks (we use these daily, so more needed throughout the year)

Dry erase markers (preferably dark colored)

2 Highlighters (different colors)


School planner (Eich’s is available for $8 in the office)

Optional, but recommended:

Whiteboard eraser (sock or felt is fine)

Colored pencils


***Item # 1 can be purchased from the teacher. (While supplies last)***

*Please initial each line below.

__________ Work can be turned in until one week prior to the end of each trimester.

__________ Students are only eligible for test retakes if ALL homework assignments have been completed PRIOR to the test.

__________ Students must bring their own supplies to school daily – this includes pencils, white board markers and glue sticks.

__________ ALL work must have the proper heading in the TOP RIGHT CORNER and completed in PENCIL.

1) Name (First AND Last)

2) Period

3) Date

__________ Student grades can be viewed online through PowerSchool.   *I STRONGLY recommend subscribing to get grade updates.

__________ Daily homework assignments can be viewed online.  ***I STRONGLY recommend bookmarking my website so you

                              can see the homework***

__________ Per Eich policy, if a student is issued a citation, after school detention is served the next day. If a citation is given on

                       Friday, detention will be served the following Tuesday (no detentions on Mondays).


From time to time, we will watch PG movies in class. Please indicate if you give your child permission to watch PG movies.

      Please circle one:     YES NO

      Parent’s Signature ________________________________________________




Parent’s name _______________________________ Number__(____)____________

e-mail _____________________________________

Parent’s name _______________________________ Number__(____)____________

e-mail _____________________________________

Any additional information to share?  

       Strengths?  Areas to improve?  Strong subjects? Weaker subjects?









Students grades for Math 6 are 100% Summative/Academic Content Scores – meaning their tests and finished projects are graded on an IB Rubric 
Academic Behavior, or “learning behaviors” will be reported separately (in all classes), starting this 2018-19 school year. There are 3 Learning Behaviors that will be reported out with scores of R (Rarely), S (Sometimes), C (Consistently), TWICE A TRIMESTER, are:
     *Utilized Feedback
     *Work Completion

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