Roseville City School District

Hello 7th grade Buljan Parent(s),

Welcome to my website. I’m looking forward to a great school year. I’ve been part of the Buljan family for the past 7 years and before that I specialized in working in the special education field. When I’m not at work, I coach soccer, spend time with my family, and love going to the movies.

Daily Agenda and Homework

11/9: Conflict Poster HW: None

11/8: Finish Assessment, Conflict Poster HW: Conflict Poster

11/7: R.O.O.T Assessment HW: Read 30 mins.

11/6: Prezi Check-In HW: Read 30 mins.

11/5: Finish Prezi HW: Read 30 mins

10/31: Test Review HW: None

10/30: Test Review HW: Booklet or none

10/29: M. Video, Plot Chart HW: Booklet or none

10/26: ROOT Chapter 25, Booklet HW: Booklet

10/25: ROOT Chapters 23/24, Booklet HW: Booklet

10/24: ROOT Chapter 22 HW: Booklet

10/23 ROOT Chapter 21 HW: Booklet

10/22: ROOT Chapter 20 HW: Booklet

10/19: ROOT Chapter 18/19 HW: Booklet

10/18: ROOT Chapters 16/17 HW: Booklet

10/17: ROOT Chapter 15, Booklet HW: Booklet

10/16: ROOT Chapters 13/14, Booklet HW: Booklet

10/15: ROOT Chapters 11/12, Booklet HW: Booklet

10/12: ROOT Chapter 10, Booklet HW: Booklet

10/11: ROOT Chapters 8/9, Booklet HW: Booklet

10/10: ROOT Chapters 6/7, Booklet HW: Booklet

10/9: ROOT Chapter 5, Booklet HW: Booklet

10/8: Running Out of Time Chapter 4, Booklet HW: Booklet

10/5: Running Out of Time Chapters 2/3, Booklet HW: Booklet

10/4: Vocab Sheet, Chapter 1 HW: Read 30 mins.

10/3: Intro Running out of Time HW: Read 30 mins

10/2: Editing and Typing HW: Final Draft

10/1: Peer Editing HW: Final draft

9/28: Phaethon story and questions HW: Finish rough draft and share it with me

9/27: Rough Draft/Typing HW: Missing work

9/26: Rough Draft Writing HW: Missing work

9/25: Prewrite for Personal Narrative HW: Missing work

9/24: Motivational video, Brainstorm for narrative HW: Read 30 mins

9/21: Intro Zinc HW: Missing work

9/20 Finish Bad Boy and complete questions on pgs. 24 & 25. Complete Character Traits WS using Bad Boy HW: Missing Work

9/19 Read Bad Boy (Annotate in the margins), Answer questions #1-5 on pg. 24 HW: Missing work

9/18 Finish questions, Inference Activity HW: Read 30 mins.

9/17 Motivational Video, S.J. Questions HW: Read 30 mins or study for Essay Terms Retake Quiz

9/13 Characterization Paragraph, Reread Scholarship Jacket, Answer questions on pg. 18 & 19 #1-6 in textbook HW: Finish characterization paragraph

9/12: Read Scholarship Jacket HW: Read 30 mins.

9/11: Booklet due today. Intro Characterization HW: Read 30 mins.

9/10: Motivational Video and Plot Booklet HW: Finish Plot Booklet

9/7: Plot Booklet HW: Read 30 mins.

9/6: Plot Review w/Duffy’s Jacket HW: Read 30 mins.

9/5: Plot Notes, Read Duffy’s Jacket HW: Finish paragraph

9/4: Read article, Begin paragraph writing HW: Finish paragraph

8/31: No Homework Article and Worksheet HW: Read 30 mins.

8/30: Subject/Thesis Corrections, Commentary Review HW: Read 30 mins.

8/29 Series of Unfortunate Events HW: Subject/Thesis WS

8/28 Library HW: Subject/Thesis WS

8/27: Motivational Video, Commentary Review HW: Subject/Thesis WS

8/24: Kahoot HW: None

8/23: iReady testing HW: Read 30 mins.

8/22: iReady testing HW: Read 30 mins.

8/21: iReady testing HW: Read 30 mins.

8/20: Motivational Video, Essay Terms Quiz HW: Read 30 mins.

8/17: Essay Terms Study Guide HW: Study for quiz

8/16: Thesis Writing HW: Study for quiz

8/15: Thesis Practice HW: Study for quiz on Monday

8/14: Essay Term Notes HW: Read 30 mins.

8/13: Motivational Video, Creative writing HW: Back to School paperwork

8/10: Syllabus and Rules HW: Back to School paperwork

8/9: Welcome back activities HW: Back to School paperwork

Important Dates

Sept. 14th: No School

Sept. 26th: Picture Retake Day

Oct. 31st: End of Trimester 1

Nov. 1st & 2nd: No School

March 1st: End of Trimester 2

May 30th: End of Trimester 3