Roseville City School District

Fiddyment Farm 3rd grade enrichment

Epic! – Books for Kids  Class code:  icc1330

KAHOOT:  0988121

Writing Enrichment:  The class code is:  B21225A


ReadNQuiz:  Click the link below to take a quiz on your chapter book (if you forgot username and password, please email Mr. Denney).

ReadNQuiz:  Quiz Time!

I will assign quizzes with the link below.  The class code is 2PQYJE and password is: 1234  Your student needs to find their name to take the quiz.

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Math review

Rounding practice

Comparing Numbers

Multiplication practice

More multiplication practice

Online Math games

Telling time

Graphing Practice





Build a Biome game

Social Studies

Nisenan Tribe

Nisenan Info

Nisenan in Roseville

The Oregon Trail game

Local settlers of Roseville

Please read each small bio of the first settlers of Roseville.  After reading please choose a family you want to be a part of for our pioneer trip to Bernhard.  Once you decide you need to make a leather name tag (with construction paper).  I will show you how to make this in class.

The Solar System

Planet info #1

Planet info #2

Great Book activities

Island Personality Test

What character are you most like?