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Jeff Chalfant

Hello . . . Welcome to Mr. Chalfant’s 3rd Grade Website.  I am glad that you are here.  

Here’s a bit of information about me.  I began my teaching career almost 30 years ago in Los Angeles, and moved to Roseville 23 years ago with my young family. My wife Nancy is also a teacher, and we have 3 college-age girls. I enjoy reading, traveling, hiking/backpacking and am learning to be a beekeeper. (Bees are fascinating!) 

Profile Cirby Elementary

Jill Williams
TK and Intervention Teacher

For over 26 years, Jill Williams remains a passionate advocate for children and celebrates their natural predisposition to be curious and love learning.  She firmly believes a caring, positive, language rich year in transitional kindergarten fortifies a foundation that will empower students the rest of their educational careers.  Building relationships and learning together should be fun while offering challenges that require us to grow.  A teacher’s privilege is to nurture children’s growth mindset that will follow them throughout their everyday liv