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Rani Martin
3rd Grade Teacher

Why, hello there! I am absolutely thrilled to be your third grade teacher this year! I am originally from El Dorado Hills but I migrated down to San Diego for college. I attended Cal State San Marcos and I received my Bachelor’s Degree and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential there. I continued to follow my love of learning and went on to receive my Master’s Degree at the University of San Diego as well.

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Rori Wright
1st Grade Teacher

Hi Stoneridge families! I am so excited to be a part of the community at Stoneridge. 

My Mission:

I will educate the whole child-socially, emotionally, and intellectually. I believe in fostering a strong sense of self in students through positive interactions, relationship building, hard work, and problem solving. I will empower them to have the courage to take risks with their learning and the determination to learn from their mistakes. 

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Jennifer Hardy
1st Grade Teacher


My name is Jennifer Hardy and I am so excited to be apart of the 1st grade team here at Stoneridge! I love working with this age and am so excited to see them take off as readers this year. I believe that having fun in the classroom is very important, and that it should be a place that every child feels comfortable and excited to be in. 

You can reach me at my district email, I am newly married so my email is still under my maiden name. 

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Aimee Schmitz
Kindergaten/First Grade Teacher

My mission, as a teacher is for each and every child to feel loved, supported, and confident. I want them to believe they are important and capable of achieving their goals in life with hard work and dedication. I hope every child leaves my classroom with a love of learning, the ability to self-advocate, a feeling of self worth, compassion for all beings, innate kindness and understanding, and a desire to have a positive impact on the world.

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Taylor McMullen
2nd Grade Teacher

My mission as a teacher is to foster a nurturing environment where students are empowered to laugh, create and grow without limitations. It is my mission to lead by example as we strive together for progress rather than perfection. Each day we will leave the negative self doubts at the door, enter the room ready to discover just how capable we each can be.

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Jessica Brooks

My mission as a principal is to help students realize that through learning, they can enhance their life in a positive way. I want to help all of my students believe in themselves and through that belief, take on the challenges of life and go forward.

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Stephanie Beck
TK Teacher

My mission as an educator is to create a positive learning environment where students feel safe, loved, and excited about learning.  To create a place where my students not only grow academically but also increase their capacities for kindness, perseverance, and friendship. To create a classroom that gives them the opportunity to feel empowered and motivated to come to school each day.
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Christina DeCuir

My mission as a Kindergarten teacher is to create a classroom family that is joyful and exciting.  Teaching the whole child: socially, emotionally, and cognitively. I want students and families to feel safe and know that we are ALL learners and that we learn from our mistakes.  It is my belief that all students should be excited to come to school.  My goal is to build a foundation for life-long learning. #TipTopTurtleClass #Kindergarten #StayCurious #Relationships #AllAreWelcomeHere

771-1830 ext. 34103
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Melissa Oxenham
Second/Third Grade

My mission as a second grade teacher is to inspire, encourage, and support students by providing a safe and loving environment.  I strive to teach with passion, compassion and a sense of humor.  I will educate them socially, emotionally, and cognitively so they can continue to build a foundation for life-long learning.  

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Jill Reidt
5th Grade Teacher

Welcome to the DreamTeam of 5th Grade!

I am in my 16th year of teaching and have taught both 5th and 6th grade. I love bringing positive energy, engagement, and rigor to my classroom. 

I belong to the House of Rêveur at our school. We are Dreamers, Believers and Visionaries!  

Feel free to email me with any questions you might have regarding 5th grade! 

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Erin Roberts
3rd Grade Teacher

Hi, my name is Erin Roberts and I teach 3rd grade at Stoneridge.  Prior to Stoneridge, I taught 5th grade for three years in the New Haven School District, which is in the Bay Area.

My mission as an educator is to create an environment where all students feel welcomed, loved and safe. My students will be inspired to learn, try new things, and learn the value of hard work.  Students will leave my class with a lifelong passion for learning. I work to help my students to be kind, have an open heart, they assume the best in others and strive for greatness in themselves.