Roseville City School District

RCSD Parent Communication: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


All Roseville City School District schools are open.   In accordance with Executive Order N-25-20, signed by Governor Newsom last night, we are determining our essential and non-essential functions to slow the community spread of COVID-19.  Public education is deemed an essential function by the State of California; however, activities outside of the school day may be considered non-essential.  

Effective March 13, we will implement more stringent guidelines, as recommended by the California Department of Public Health.  The guidance document states: 

The timely implementation of aggressive strategies that create social distance and those that reduce close contact of people not regularly together, including limiting gatherings, has proven effective in prior pandemics at delaying rates of transmission and reducing illness and death. 

While the guidance calls for aggressive strategies, it also states:

This guidance does not apply to activities such as attendance at regular school classes, work, or essential services.  

Therefore, all schools remain open.

We know that students, staff, and our community are invested in our schools, programs, performances, events, and teams. Canceling, postponing, or modifying non-essential events is difficult, but critical to protect vulnerable populations and to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

Field Trips

All field trips district-wide are canceled beginning Friday, March 13, 2020, through April 12, 2020.  All overnight field trips between now and the end of the year are canceled. Any field trips after April 12th will be re-evaluated at a later date.

Open Houses

All Open Houses are canceled.  Bell schedules for the day of Open House will remain the same.


There are no volunteers allowed on campus between beginning Friday, March 13 and April 12, 2020.


School visitors to campuses will be limited during school hours to essential meetings such as  IEP, 504, and other student support meetings will continue as scheduled unless notified by school personnel.  If there is a meeting you are attending, as a visitor and you are not feeling well, we are asking you to please refrain from coming to campus until you are asymptomatic for 72-hours. If a visitor has traveled to level 2 or 3 countries​ in the last two weeks as outlined by the CDC, they are not allowed on campus until 14-days past the date of re-entry into the USA. 

Before and After-School Student Performances and Activities

All on-campus before and after-school performances, activities, and practices (musicals, drama, sports, clubs, etc.) are suspended beginning Friday, March 13 through April 12, 2020.

Within the School day Events

All events scheduled within the school day to occur beginning Friday, March 13 through April 12, 2020, will be modified per social distancing guidelines recommended by county health officials and are closed to parents and the public. 


All athletic practices, events, and competitions are suspended from Friday, March 13 through April 12, 2020.

Outside Groups/Facility Usage

All facility usage by groups outside of Roseville City School District has been suspended from March 16th until April 12, 2020, and will be re-evaluated at that time.

We know there has been a lot of information regarding COVID-19.  To help organize the information, please click on this document to view the most up-to-date information. Anything that is new information will be highlighted above.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you and your children.  We look forward to seeing our students at school tomorrow morning.