Educational Support Services

Roseville City School District

Special Education

It is the intention of the Special Education Department to support the district’s mission and goals for all students generally, and on behalf of those students who are individuals with exceptional needs, specifically. We believe that individuals with exceptional needs should be educated to the maximum extent possible in accordance with their individual capabilities and in a manner that enables them to strive to their fullest potential.

We serve our students with exceptional needs in a variety of programs from preschool through 8th grade.  Our students receive specialized academic instruction and related services designated to meet their special education needs, as recommended in their Individualized Education Program (IEP).  Special Education services are provided only after all resources of the general education program have been considered and utilized.

We employ over 300 special education teachers, specialists, instructional aides, other classified staff, and related service providers. Special education programs and services are provided at each of our 19 schools in the District.

Our school principals receive training in special education.  In addition, the District employs one preschool coordinator, three program specialists, and one special education director to coordinate the program.

Roseville City School District is part of the Placer County SELPA (Special Education Local Planning Area) which supports specialized instruction and services for students, parents, fellow educators and the community. SELPA supports students and families with parent training, dispute resolution, and ensuring the availability of the full continuum of program options.  SELPA staff members are accessible, resourceful, and knowledgeable.