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Roseville City School District

Inter/Intra District Transfers

Information for the 2023 – 24 school year

Our priority registration window will be available Monday, January 23, 2023, through Friday, February 17, 2023, for those seeking an inter-district transfer. Please note the following schools have been closed to transfers for the 2023-24 school year due to growth, projected growth, and overflow challenges as new homes are occupied.

Schools closed to New Transfer requests for the 2023 – 2024 school year
  • Chilton Middle School
  • Junction Elementary
  • Orchard Ranch Elementary 
  • Riego Creek Elementary
  • Fiddyment Farm Elementary
  • Diamond Creek Elementary
  • Blue Oaks Elementary
  • Westbrook Elementary (Closed for Inter-district Transfers)

*No new intra-district or inter-district transfers will be accepted in the schools listed above. Siblings of students currently attending in 2022 – 23 and will continue to attend one of the above schools during the 2023 – 24 school year may request a transfer during the priority registration window and will be considered on a space-available basis.









2023/2024 Transfer applications will be available on Monday, January 23, 2023.


The Roseville City School District (“District”) has partnered with Informed K12 to streamline the Inter Transfer Form process, by providing our families with an electronic option through the Informed K12 platform. By completing the online form, you will be providing the District and Informed K12 consent to collect the following personal information for the sole purpose of completing the Inter transfer process.

  • Student First Name
  • Student Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Grade
  • Address, Street, City, State, Zip
  • Mailing Address, Street, City, State, Zip
  • Parent/Guardian First Name
  • Parent/Guardian Last Name
  • Parent/Guardian Phone
  • Alternate Phone Number
  • Parent Email Address

If you require an alternate option, please contact the Personnel Department.


2021/2022 Open Enrollment Information

2021/2022 Open Enrollment Information (Espanol)


2021/2022 Inter-Intra District Transfer FAQ

2021/2022 Inter-Intra District Transfer FAQ (Espanol)

Please Note:

Residents are given priority enrollment.  

INTER-DISTRICT TRANSFER OUT (Requesting to Attend a School in Another District)


ALL Inter-District Transfers must have the attached supporting documentation for processing. This includes all renewal Inter-District Transfers as well.

  • Click HERE for list of reasons to request to leave RCSD and the required documents for your reason.
  • Click HERE to discover what your resident school site is in RCSD. This information is required when submitting your inter-district transfer request. 

When do I need to fill out a Roseville City School District inter-district transfer request form?

  • RCSD inter-district transfer forms are for residents assigned to the Roseville City School District (RCSD) that wish to request to attend a school outside of the RCSD boundaries. 

(If you wish to transfer into Roseville City School District, you must start the process at your district of residence.) 

How long does it take to process my inter-district transfer request?

  • 2023-2024 outgoing inter-district transfers can take 30 to 60 days to process prior to the beginning of the 23/24 school year. 
  • After the school year begins, any request for that current school year takes an average of two weeks to process. 

Current students that want to transfer to another school district: Parents/Guardians submitting a New Outgoing Inter-district application shall be required to discuss their reasons for the request with the Principal of their school of residence prior to the determination of their application.  

Once you submit your inter-district transfer application form requesting to leave RCSD, you will be emailed a link to view and check the status of your form. If your transfer request is denied you will be contacted by RCSD. If RCSD grants your transfer request, your transfer application will be sent to your requested district for consideration. Please check your link after submission for transfer updates. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Inter-District Transfer requests will only be processed once the application is complete:  this is to include required supporting documentation that must be included with your application when submitted. If you are in need of assistance please contact the District Office. 

INTER-DISTRICT TRANSFER IN (Live outside of RCSD but would like to attend)

If your residential address is not assigned to a Roseville City School District (RCSD) school and you would like to attend an RCSD school, you will need to start with your resident school district. Please visit your assigned school district’s website for more information. 

List of surrounding school districts and links to their websites.

If you have a current student attending RCSD on an inter-district transfer request, you must renew the inter-district transfer application yearly. Inter-district transfer students that do not have a completed registration and a current RCSD approved inter-district transfer form for the school year, will not be provided a class schedule. 

INTRA-DISTRICT TRANSFER (Requesting to move schools within RCSD)

When you wish to transfer from your resident school to another Roseville City School District campus.  Intra-district transfers are to be completed during your online new student or returning student registration process. 

I already registered my student for the school year, but now need to submit an intra-district transfer request - what do I do?

If you are a RETURNING student and have already completed your returning student registration for the school year, you can submit your request by logging into your Parent PowerSchool account. Once you log in, select the student’s profile you wish to request the intra-district transfer. On the left-hand side of the Navigation menu, click on the Transfer Requests link at the bottom. Then click on NEW to submit a new transfer request. 

If you are a NEW student and have already completed your NEW student registration for the school year, please contact your resident school site for assistance prior to the end of the current school year. They will provide you with information to set up a Parent PowerSchool account for your student. If you need assistance with this process while school sites are closed, please contact the district office for assistance. 





Roseville City School District approved a change in our Middle School Boundary lines that took effect at the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year. Please see the links below for answers to frequently asked questions, to access the new boundary map, and to check to see if your resident address has been affected by this recent change. 

Frequently Asked Questions regarding our new Middle School Boundaries and what to do if they affect your current middle school student.

New Middle School Boundary Map

School Locator (use this to check if your address is affected by the new boundaries)


RCSD Schools

Elementary Schools

  • Blue Oaks
  • Brown
  • Cirby
  • Crestmont
  • Diamond Creek
  • Fiddyment Farm
  • Gates
  • Jefferson
  • Junction
  • Kaseberg
  • Orchard Ranch
  • Riego Creek
  • Sargeant
  • Spanger
  • Stoneridge
  • Westbrook (coming to RCSD 23/24)
  • Woodbridge

Middle Schools

  • Buljan
  • Chilton
  • Cooley 
  • Eich