Roseville City School District

Superintendent’s Message
February, 2019


Each year, many of us create lists: things we’d like to change, improve or focus on in our lives. 

But what about creating a list that takes stock of what we love about our lives and communities? Things that make us who and what we are. This year, I’d like to list a few things I appreciate most about Roseville City School District:

Our staff. They bring their best to the classroom each day, investing time, energy and genuine care into their students. Their commitment to academic excellence raises the bar with each passing year.

Our district culture. Developed over our 150-year history, our culture puts students at the center of every decision. We are focused on maintaining a safe, inclusive and engaging educational environment for every student.

The Roseville City School District Foundation. The community’s devotion to our students is tangible through its action of donating funds and resources to our districtwide music program and teacher grants.

Our academic calendar. We are now (mostly!) coordinated with the high school district, allowing families to plan their vacations, holidays and activities with a single calendar in mind. And with all of June and July dedicated to summer vacation, there is plenty of time to spend with loved ones!

The facilities at each school site. Our schools ensure a safe, well-equipped and technologically advanced environment for our students. Our maintenance and facilities department works year ‘round to inspect, construct, modernize and repair our campuses to meet and exceed safety standards because our students and staff deserve the best we can offer.

Our Board of Education. These five individuals invest their time and energy into the District’s mission and they support our collaborative community of professional learners. This vision keeps our school District focused on our students, their education and progress. 

Our progressive approach. We continually research and implement new technology, encouraging digital literacy. From flexible seating to Apple TVs and SMART Boards to learning philosophies such as International Baccalaureate (IB) education, RCSD prepares students to succeed in an increasingly advanced world. 

Our programs. At each of our schools, our students become caring, critical-thinking, problem-solving, well-supported individuals engaged in the process of learning. Whether it’s Career Technical Education, World Language, IB, Project Lead The Way or AVID, each of our schools have something unique to offer. 

Our students and their families. There’s no question that our pace today is different than it was just two or even five years ago. Students and their families are busy with sports, family and work obligations, social calendars and so much more. We value the time our families make to volunteer, give back and support our District and their students’ education. These are formative years for our students and we are appreciative of the partnership we have forged together.

Do you have something you appreciate about RCSD that I didn’t list? If so, drop me a line!


Derk Garcia