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6th Grade

2018-19 Science Camp Info Packet

Science Camp Dates: November 13-16, 2018


If you are interested in being a chaperone for Science Camp in November 2018, please fill out the following form: Eich Science Camp Chaperone Interest Form

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7th Grade

8th Grade

English Learner


Individuals and Societies

Teacher Class Taught Email
Mrs. Brear Ancient Civilizations Send message
Mr. Gregory US History Send message
Mrs. Hastie Ancient Civilizations Send message
Mrs. Kerns
Medieval Civilizations Send message
Mr. Klingensmith
Ancient Civilizations Send message
Mr. Padilla Ancient Civilizations Send message
Mr. Tagert

Medieval Civilizations

US History w/ 2 GATE*

Send message
Mrs. Stark Ancient Civilizations Send message
Mrs. Vallerga Ancient Civilizations Send message
Mrs. Wright
Medieval Civilizations w/ 2 GATE* Send message

*GATE testing held once a year – see administration for details on the testing process

This is a generic website for the district.  Most teachers have their own website and you should contact them for that information.

I did include a snip it about the grade levels below…. only a snip it though.  If you want more information, please feel free to contact your teacher and if they don’t get back to you in 24 hours, contact me…. I’m the Department Chair for Social studies and will contact them for you if any hiccups.  Send me a message here.

IB – We are known in the IB world as Individuals and Societies.  We incorporate IB Philosophy into our classes several different ways.  IB Characteristics are incorporated daily, comparing and contrasting historical figures with individuals from today.  We also bring in current countries and their background where appropriate with our topics that we are discussing. Each grade level has their own specialty when it comes to design.

A little about 6th grade Social Studies

Study of early human man and the beginnings of our society as we know … Ancient Mesopotamia. Goes into the Hebrews and Egypt as well as India and China.  Should wrap up with Greece and Rome where 7th grade takes over. Each ancient civilization we focus on geography, religion/beliefs, Social Systems and Achievements.

A little about 7th grade Social Studies

We use the acronym “GRAPES” – (Geography, Religion, Achievements, Politics, Economics and Social levels) when learning about societies in medieval times. We take over at Rome and start to discuss the Fall of Rome…The other societies to be discussed are Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.  

8th grade US History

It begins with Colonization in 1607 with Jamestown and review of the Revolution Fervor.  The first trimester ends with the Constitution which is followed by the Constitution Test – a Graduation requirement.  We offer a field trip to the State Capital (October) in order to compare State and Federal Governments.

The second trimester begins with the Early American Presidents and their policies,  Washington to Jackson. We wrap up with Manifest Destiny, spreading the American culture from ocean to ocean.

Third and final trimester is the Civil War to America at the turn of the Century.  

Please feel free to contact us at anytime. We are a dynamic team who are here to give the best education possible for your child.. as well as you! Get involved! We would love to have you sit in!

Language & Literature

2018-19 Teachers

Teacher Class Taught Email
Holly Brear Grade 6 Send message
Nancy Hastie Grade 6 Send message
Andrew Padilla Grade 6 Send message
Caroline Stark Grades 6 & 7 Senc message
Pat Vallerga Grade 6 Send message
Lynnette Atkinson Grade 7 Send message
Jeanne Buljan Grade 7 Send message
Michael Klingensmith
Grade 7 Send message
Lisa Ball Grade 8 Send message
Roxanne Martin Grade 8 Send message

To view a teacher’s website, click on their name.

Helpful Links

CAASPP Practice Test
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Vocabulary Games
Scholastic fiction and nonfiction reading lists by grade level


6th Grade

Teacher Email
Tanya Bonifacini Send message
Lori McDevitt
Send message
Meghan Gomez Send message
Anne Donahue Send message
Joan Starkey Send message

CA Dept of Ed - 6th Grade Framework

7th Grade

Teacher Email
Rachel Henderson Send message
Meagan McDonough Send message
Amy Lockwood Send message
Joan Starkey Send message

CA Dept of Ed - 7th Grade Framework

8th Grade

Teacher Email
Meagan McDonough Send message
Chris Ponseti Send message

CA Dept of Ed 8th Grade Framework

Accelerated Math*

Teacher Email
Rachel Henderson Send message
Chris Ponseti Send message

*Placement in the Accelerated Math courses is based on most recent CAASPP scores, teacher recommendation, and district placement test score. If you have questions about these courses please email Chris Ponseti.

Common Core Standards

Physical Education

Click here to visit the department website!

Please click on the link above to visit our personal pages, which will be located to the left of the screen. All information/forms regarding our program may be found here.

Teacher Email
Cory Maday Send message
Debby Fasl Send message
John Agostinelli Send message
Tara McCarthy Send message


6th Grade

Teacher Email
Mrs. McDevitt
Send message
Mrs. Gomez Send message
Mrs. Donahue
Send message
Mrs. Starkey Send message

7th Grade

Teacher Email
Kevin Dewey Send message
Amy Lockwood Send message
Eileen Spangler
Send message

8th Grade

Teacher Email
Debbie Allen
Send message
Kevin Dewey  

Assessment Redos

Science retakes will be at the discretion of the teacher.  A redo-ticket will be required in order to participate in the retake.  One-time retakes will occur in a timely fashion after the initial assessment at the arranged opportunity by the teacher.

Important Links

Textbook link
Next Generation Science Standards

IB MYP Design Cycle

IB requires 50 hours of Design coursework per school year and only teachers who have completed IB training in Design can document the hours in class.   It can either be offered as a separate class or integrated into other subject areas. Eich has decided to integrate Design into science, history and certain visual and performing arts classes (Adv. Art, Computer Technology courses, Yearbook, Ballroom Dance, and Leadership). Eich has created a “Design” tracking sheet that is shared with all students via Google Docs to track the hours so we ensure all students have access to the required 50 design hours per school year.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities with a STEAM Focus


Don’t Buy the Lie

Academic Talent Search

Destination Imagination

Student Services

Teaching Staff

Name Position
Teresa Tabb Department Chair,
Resource Specialist 7th/8th
Lauren Gerringer Resource Specialist 6th/7th
Jennifer Turner Special Day Class Teacher
Mary Catherine Klein Functional Skills Teacher
Brett Teel BRIDGES Teacher

Supporting Staff

Name Position
Mauricio Buchner School Psychologist
Lindsay Walter School Counselor
Cherisse LaCoste School Nurse
Jennifer Mackey Speech & Langauge Pathologist
Emily Robbins Speech & Langauge Pathologist

Visual/Performance Arts (VAPA) Department

Teacher Class Email
Mrs. Shrider Art/Yearbook Send message
Mr. Larsen Ballroom Dance Send message
Ms. Divelbiss Communications Technology Send message
Mrs. Hastie Drama (Advanced),
Student Government
Send message
Mrs. Buljan Drama (Beginning) Send message
Mr. Agostinelli Exploratory
Send message
Mrs. Aldridge Music (Band, Choir, Guitar) Send message
Mrs. Ball Speech Send message
Mr. Gregory Student Government Send message

World Language

Our World Language Teachers

Teacher Email
Mr. Benedict
Send message
Mrs. Clarcq Send message
Mrs. Dellorco Send message
Mrs. Kerns
Send message
Mrs. Rachman Send message

IB World Language Presentation (IB Night 2018)

Does the language you speak change your view of the world?

Interesting article on positive effects of learning a second or a third language.