Roseville City School District

Math 8

Math 8 is a year long mathematics course that is required for all 8th grade students.  

8th Grade students will be guided through the wonderful world of Algebra, including  topics such as:

  • Solving Systems of Equations
  • Linear Functions
  • Volume
  • Real, Rational & Irrational Numbers
  • Bivariate Data 
  • Scientific Notation

All Math 8 students are expected to be excellent examples of our “Wildcat Way”:

  • Safe
  • Respectful
  • Responsible


Students grades for Math 8 are 100% Summative/Academic Content Scores – meaning their tests and finished projects are graded on an IB Rubric 

Academic Behavior, or “learning behaviors” will be reported separately (in all classes). There are 3 Learning Behaviors that will be reported out with scores of R (Rarely), S (Sometimes), C (Consistently), TWICE A TRIMESTER, are:

  • Engagement
  • Utilized Feedback
  • Work Completion

Please visit our weekly agenda (link below) to see note, lesson videos, assignments from every day & so much more!



Weekly Agenda