Roseville City School District

Superintendent’s Article
April 2022


Spring has sprung and that means we’re seeing growth all around us. The fields at our sites are green, our students are growing in ways we always work toward and our district itself is growing to support the population growth of the City of Roseville. Our growth can be summed up in one of my favorite quotes from author Anaïs Nin, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” This means that when the time has come to grow, we must grow. Our district is always focused on the sustainability of this growth, finding the balance between having enough resources to support our students while adding even more to support the new families and goals of our students and staff.

Last month, district and community leaders gathered to break ground on our newest and 21st school site, Westbrook Elementary. To sustain the needs of the growing west Roseville community, this new site will serve up to 800 students beginning August 2023, releasing the pressure on surrounding school sites that have taken on higher enrollment numbers. With Westbrook Elementary, we will be able to offer more staff, technology and facilities so that each student is treated with priority, innovation and genuine care for their education.

Spring also brings with it state testing, a key metric to help us determine student growth, success and outstanding needs. While these tests assess our students academically, I want to assure your family that this is only one measure of success for your student. At RCSD, we recognize the critical importance of a child’s socio-emotional well-being and growth. We facilitate this through emotional support, counselors at each middle school and working diligently to create and sustain an inclusive and safe learning environment for all students. We are committed to ensuring your child has every resource they need to start their lives off on the right foot, academically, socially and emotionally.

So as we continue to watch growth occur in our city, throughout our district and within our children, let’s stop to ask our kids, “What does growth mean to you?”