Roseville City School District

Superintendent’s Message
May, 2020


May 2020 Teacher Appreciation Month

One of the more uplifting messages I’ve been hearing lately is about silver linings. For many, if not most of us, the past couple of months have been the strangest experiences of our lives. At the District, we’re implementing systems and routines, and one thing is for certain – our staff has the mindset that shows we are ready to meet this “new abnormal” straight on!

That’s where we find our silver lining. Our teachers and staff have been my true heroes of this moment. Their flexibility and commitment to adjust an entire trimester worth of education into an online format with tools that some of them have not yet used is a feat of incredible dedication to their students. It is only fitting that May is Teacher Appreciation Month, and in 2020 this month is taking on a whole new level of gratitude for our educators.

Like many of us, our staff is learning how to balance working from home while being the at-home educator for our families. Many are left without backup, while they teach their students and handle the responsibilities of their own little ones. Coupled with deeply missing their students and work family, technical challenges, and pressure to perform despite so many moving parts truly demonstrates the perseverance and willingness to show up for their students.

Teachers, Principals, Support Staff, District Office Personnel - I acknowledge the considerable challenges you are facing, and we are in awe of the lengths you have gone to bring your best to your students through one of the scariest times in history. Thank you for the teacher parades that bring so much joy to our RCSD Champions, the digital communication with families and your classes, and the desire to learn the tools that bring your virtual classroom into the homes of students with parents who are working from their kitchen table.

You are appreciated, loved and YOU are our silver lining.


Derk Garcia