Employee Acceptable Technology Use Agreement

Roseville City School District

Employee Use of Technology

The Roseville City Elementary School District (“RCSD” or “district”) Board of Education recognizes that technological resources can enhance employee performance by offering tools to assist in providing a quality instructional program, facilitating communications with parents/guardians, students and the community, supporting district and school operations, and improving access to and exchange of information. The Board expects all employees to learn to use the available technological resources that will assist them in the performance of their job responsibilities. As needed, employees shall receive professional development in the appropriate use of these resources.

Employees shall be responsible for the appropriate use of technology and shall use the district’s technological resources primarily for purposes related to their employment.

Employees shall be notified that computer files and electronic communications, including email and voice mail, are not private. Technological resources shall not be used to transmit confidential information about students, employees, or district operations without authority.