Special Education Transportation Services

Roseville City School District

Special Education Transportation Services

If your student who is receiving special education services will be absent or will not be needing the bus, please contact the Transportation Coordinator at (916) 771-1600, Option 4 to report non-use.  

The student will be removed from the route if there is no call/no show for 3 days.  At that point, the parent must reapply for transportation.  Placing the student back on the route could take 7-10 school days.

When meeting the bus in the morning, please have the student available, ready, and visible to the driver (not waiting in a parked car) 5 minutes prior to the expected arrival time of the bus.  If no students are present at the bus stop, the driver will not wait beyond the expected arrival time for that bus stop.

If you are meeting your child at the bus stop after school, please be available, ready, and visible to the driver (not waiting in a parked car) 5 minutes prior to the expected arrival time.

Kindergarten/Special Education:  If your student requires a parent at drop off and one is not present, the Transportation Coordinator will attempt to call you.  The student will remain on the bus until the driver has finished driving the remainder of the route.  At that point, the student will be returned to their school, and it will be the parent’s responsibility to pick him/her up from the school.