Transportation Fee Guidelines and Procedures

Roseville City School District

Transportation Fee Guidelines and Procedures

General Information

Students in the kindergarten through eighth grade may participate in the home to school transportation service sponsored and operated by the district for a fee.  The district will provide pupil transportation to and from school for a fee when, in the judgment of the board of Trustees, such transportation is necessary, practical and economical, all in accordance with the regulations of the State of California and Board policies.

Walking Distances

 All existing policies and regulations regarding walking distance will remain in effect:

  • Elementary – 2 Miles
  • Middle – 2.8 Miles

Bus PassesBus passes will be sold on a monthly, semester, or annual basis.  Ticket books can be purchased at individual school sites. Bus pass applications will be accepted at the individual schools and the Special Education Office at 1000 Darling Way.

Please note that walk-in applications will take 48 hours to process before a pass will be available at the individual schools.

Passes will be distributed to the students at the individual schools during the first week of school for applications received by July 23rd.  Ticket books can be purchased at individual school sites.


School Bus Transportation Applications for passes may be obtained at the district website (, individual school site offices, or Special Education Office.

Paying Online

Visit “Creating an Account and Making Online Payments for Bus Passes” for more information about how to pay online.

Inter/Intra District Transfers 

Bus service is NOT available for students on Inter/Intra District Transfers.

Special Class Students

Students who are placed on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) who require specialized transportation because of a handicapping condition shall be exempt from transportation fees.  Special Education transportation applications are available through the Special Education Office.

New Student Enrollment

If a new student enrolls after the semester has begun and wants bus transportation, the parent/guardian will need to fill out a School Bus Transportation application.  The school sites or the Educational Support Services Office will calculate a pro-rated cost for transportation.  The bus driver will be notified of the new student rider. If your bus stop does not have a pick-up or drop-off time, please contact the transportation department.


If a student does not have a pass to ride a bus to or from school, the student’s name will be taken by the bus driver, a citation issued and given to the School Office.

Lost Passes

In the event a bus pass is lost or stolen, the parent should call the School Office and ask for a replacement pass.  A fee will be charged for lost/stolen bus passes.  Replacement passes will be processed within a day or two.  If you have any questions, please call the Transportation Dept. at 771-1600 ext. 50115



Refunds will be made ONLY to parents/guardians with a semester or annual passes when a student is leaving the District.  This request shall be made in writing to the Business Office.  The refund will be prorated.  No refunds will be made on passes when the student has been suspended from the bus or school for disciplinary reasons or has moved within the school district. 

Returned Checks

A $10 charge will be imposed on checks not processed and returned by the bank to the school district. 

Safety, Student Behavior and Discipline

All existing policies and regulations regarding safety, student behavior, and discipline on school buses are in effect.  Any student whose riding privileges are suspended because of behavior problems will NOT receive a refund for the time suspended.

Change of Bus Exit

Students planning to get off the bus anywhere other than their normal bus stop must bring a note from their parent/guardian.  ALL notes to change exit must clear through the school office.  When the request is approved, a form will be filled out and given to the bus driver. 

Financial Hardship

Families experiencing financial hardship may be eligible for either a free or reduced**–price transportation pass.  Proof of income must be presented with application to be considered for reduced pricing


Household size



Twice per Month

Every Two Weeks


















































For each additional family member, add:







**Families who qualify for reduced-price transportation will receive a reduction of the standard bus pass rates equal to half of the standard bus pass fair.**