Mission, Vision, & Goals

Roseville City School District

Mission, Vision, & Goals


The mission of the Roseville City School District is to maximize learning for each and every one of our students.


The Roseville City School District will become a collaborative community of professional learners that is:

  • Focused on learning
  • Results oriented
  • Committed to continuous improvement of each student and staff member

Collective Commitments

  • We will clearly communicate the mission and vision of our District
  • We will share accountability for fulfilling our mission
  • We will develop and implement effective systems to support our vision
  • We will use data to inform our decisions
  • We will operate as a professional learning community
  • We will provide the training and support needed to increase the capacity of staff to fulfill our mission and realize our vision
  • We will provide time for collaboration during contract hours
  • We will nurture high levels of mutual support and trust among all District stakeholders

Roseville City School District
Board Of Education Goals
 2017 – 2020


  1. Every student will meet or exceed grade level standards in mathematics and English Language Arts as evidenced with multiple measures.
  2. Every English learner will gain a minimum of one level on the ELPAC, (English Language Proficiency Assessments for California), per year.
  3. All students will regularly use technology to critically think, create, collaborate, and communicate during their school day.

Strategic Resources

  1. Plan for growth while maintaining quality facilities, attract and retain excellent staff, and continue fiscal stability.


  1. Align technology supports and resources to meet district goals and enhance student learning.


  1. Promote the positive programs, personnel, and student achievement within Roseville City School District.

School Safety and Positive School Cultures

  1. Maintain a safe and secure learning environment for all students and staff.

To view more details, such as objectives for each goal, please click here to download the PDF.