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Roseville City School District

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RFP-19-901 Ethernet Switched LAN – Category 2

The Roseville City School District (hereafter “District” or “RCSD”) serves over 11,000 students across 19 schools and 3 support facilities. We utilize 21st-century instructional practices to ensure our students are academically confident and ready to navigate a rapidly-changing, technology-rich, global economy. The District is requesting proposals from qualified vendors to install new, upgrade, increase or replace its ETHERNET SWITCHED LAN.


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RFP 19-900 Fixed Asset Inventory & Asset Management System

The Roseville City School District (hereafter “District” or “RCSD”) is requesting proposals for a District-wide Fixed Asset Inventory and Asset Management System, responses must include (1) an outline for a comprehensive physical inventory of all District-owned assets, and (2) the implementation of an asset management system.