Roseville City School District

Superintendent’s Message
March 2022


New Season, New School, More Opportunities to Learn

I can’t be the only one thrilled to see the warmer weather making its way back into our daily lives. Seeing our students enjoying the sun during recess and in our outdoor, flexible learning spaces makes me excited for spring, a time for renewal and growth. I’ve recently been privy to a rousing game of kickball on the blacktop of one of our elementary schools and I have to say - I am impressed with the way our students can organize themselves and enjoy friendly competition. There’s something about the pure joy and ‘sticktoitiveness’ these students display when they’re enjoying being active in the warm weather. It reminds me that no matter the age, we all should have goals and inspirations. 

As Superintendent, a major focus of mine is to help our district balance our growth with our ability to continue providing services and education to each of our students at the highest level of excellence possible. This means maintaining sustainable programs and staffing along with building new schools to alleviate the high enrollment numbers in our newer neighborhoods. As part of our sustainable growth plan, I am eager to announce that RCSD will officially break ground this month on Westbrook Elementary School, our 21st school site, and our third new site in West Roseville. Westbrook Elementary will allow us to provide facilities, programs, and staffing for up to 800 students at full enrollment. We expect to welcome hundreds of students to this new campus in 2023 and look forward to hearing the community’s feedback!

As we focus on growth throughout spring, we should not forget the importance of renewal – a chance to learn as administrators and teachers. This is why RCSD schools will be closed on March 21 for a Staff Development Day. Our elementary staff will be discussing updates and best practices in assessments, feedback, and grading.  Our middle school staff will be continuing their work of identifying common assessments and examining essential standards. We are continuously working to help bring more of our best to the classroom. 

We are continuously working to bring new technologies, curriculum, and skills to our students because providing excellence in education requires an investment in our time, our people, and our offerings. 

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