Safe Schools Letter

Roseville City School District

Safe School Letter

March 2, 2018

Dear RCSD Families,

The senseless school shootings that have occurred across the nation, and most recently in Florida two weeks ago, have inflicted tremendous pain, sadness, and anger.  It justly caused parents, educators, and students themselves to seek assurances about personal safety and what schools are doing to reaffirm their commitment to protecting loved ones.  

As we reflect on the incident and review our safety planning efforts, it is important to know that our priority has always been, and will always be, the safety of our children and staff.  We all have the right to a safe and secure campus where we are free from physical and emotional harm.  If there ever were an incident at your child’s school, you would be contacted through School Messenger via email, phone message, or text, depending on how you chose to be notified.  As of today, fewer than half of the registered parents are signed up for text notifications.  If you would like to change your elected option in order to receive text messages, please text YES to 67587.  

It’s important to share with the community that the Roseville City School District commissioned a safety study in 2013 to make recommendations related to improving campus security.  In 2014, the District made steady progress implementing the study’s recommendations, which included security fencing at all campuses, panic bars on all gates, single points of entry after the school day begins, fingerprinting for volunteers, standardized emergency procedures, and updates to our Safe School Plans.

At last night’s Board meeting, our five-member Board of Education unanimously approved Safe School Plans for each of our nineteen schools.  Safe School Plans are annually reviewed and updated by a school-level team of parents, teachers, classified staff and the principal, in consultation with local law enforcement, in order to be proactive in our efforts to maintain a safe campus.

In addition to approving the Safe School Plans, the Board of Education directed me to contract with an independent school safety consultant for a new safety study in order to ensure we are continually improving the safety and security of our campuses.  

Safety studies, safety plans, and fencing are not nearly as important as the relationships we build with our children.  We will continue to create schools that are safe, welcoming, and where students feel a sense of belonging.  That feeling of belonging is key to academic growth, but it’s also essential in creating a safe environment that is inclusive of all students, where acts of bullying and violence are not an option, and where troubled students are identified early and provided with the assistance they need.   

We will do everything within our power to continually create safe and secure learning environments where our children have the opportunity to excel.  We love your children and thank you for the privilege of working with them every single day.  

Please feel free to contact your principal if you have any questions related to the safety procedures at your child’s school.


Derk Garcia , Superintendent